Many a pundit, not to mention Republican presidential candidate, have suggested the 2012 election is the most important in American history.

I believe that, too.

Defeating Barack Obama is a very important and challenging goal. I agree with those who suggest we won’t even recognize America after four more years with him occupying the White House. Every American who truly loves the country and its unique place in history should be working diligently and prayerfully to see that he is replaced next November.

But, dare I ask, what if we fail?

What if that billion-dollar war chest, plus ACORN-style dirty tricks, a media in the tank and a less-than-ideal Republican challenger combine to give him another four years?

What if a Donald Trump jumps into the race to divide the opposition vote?

Is there a Plan B for saving the country?

What’s our fail-safe mechanism?

Is there a backup option?

Or do we just all kiss America as we have known it goodbye?

I actually have such a plan. I’ve been working on it for a year and will be working on it for another year. But I need your help – badly.

There is another way to begin returning America to constitutionally limited government even if Obama wins.

It involves forcing Republicans to live up to their rhetoric. If grass-roots Republicans from coast to coast do this one thing, we can actually deprive Obama, in a second term, from destroying the American Dream. In fact, we had the opportunity last year.

Had House Republicans listened to the American people – including 85 percent of the Republican base, 70 percent of the independent base and even more than 50 percent of the Democratic base – in 2011, they could have prevented half of the damage Obama inflicted on the country. In fact, they could have assured that Obama wouldn’t have any more money to throw away on destructive programs and forced him to spend all of his time cutting existing programs, departments and agencies. All they had to do was freeze the debt limit – a decision that could not be vetoed, reversed or challenged in any way.

And the American people would have applauded and handed Republicans the presidency and the Senate this fall.

But they didn’t do that.

Instead, they crafted grandiose and complicated plans for balancing the budget over the next 10 years – plans they knew would never be passed by the Democratic Senate. They cajoled. They bargained with Obama. And, ultimately, they voted to give him all the money he could ever hope to spend in the last two years of his first term.

They even gave up their legal prerogative to veto future debt-limit increases for the rest of this session of Congress! It’s truly one of the most historic betrayals of principle by Republicans in American history.

But the Republican Party will very likely have another chance to do the right thing in January 2013. All it will take is for Americans – Republicans and independents, specifically – to turn up the heat on the so-called “opposition party,” demanding that they not make that same mistake again.

While it is very possible Obama could win re-election, it is highly unlikely Democrats can win back the House. In fact, it is more likely Democrats will lose the Senate in the next election. If they do, and if Republicans go back to Washington next year determined to thwart Obama’s scorched-earth policy on liberty, limited government, the rule of law and free enterprise, his entire agenda can be thwarted.

All Republicans in either the House or the Senate will need to do is freeze the debt limit – and the borrowed money Obama is playing with will be dried up instantly.

Do you like this idea?

I thought you might.

I will be telling you more about the progress on Plan B in the future. I will give you regular updates. I think this is a winning idea – one that works no matter who is elected president in 2012.

But there’s something I need you to do right now to get the ball rolling.

It will only take a minute of your time. But it’s an opportunity for you to start laying the groundwork for this revolution in 2013 by introducing this idea to 241 Republican members of the House – many of whom will be returning next January. Introducing Plan B – “The No More Red Ink” campaign 2.0.


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