Why oppose Obama? Let me count the ways

By Burt Prelutsky

In case you missed it, during a recent congressional hearing, Rep. Dan Lungren spent nearly five minutes trying to get Obama’s assistant defense secretary for homeland defense, Paul Stockton, to simply acknowledge that we are at war with violent Islamic extremists. At the very least, Lungren tried, but failed, to get Stockton to admit that violent Islamic extremists are at war with us. He couldn’t even get him to confirm that an official with the Defense Department said, shortly after Maj. Hasan massacred 14 people at Fort Hood, “Losing our program of diversity would be an even greater tragedy than what took place.”

But whether or not Stockton acknowledged it, that is how the wishy-washy boneheads in this administration and in this commander in chief’s military establishment deal with national security concerns. Even though Nidal Malik Hasan had “Soldier of Allah” on his business cards and Yemen-based terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki on speed dial, no one in the Army dared suggest the major belonged either in the brig or an insane asylum. I’m sure political correctness is also the reason Bradley Manning, a mere private, but an acknowledged homosexual, got away with removing tons of top security documents from government files.

After all, if you’re a Muslim or gay, nobody can even dare challenge you, lest he see his own career go down in flames. Such is the tyranny of diversity, multiculturalism and political correctness in America today.

Hell, a gay Muslim could probably stroll into the White House and toss a stink bomb into Lincoln’s bedroom without anyone’s daring to question his presence.

Finally, in North Korea, when Kim Jong-il recently kicked the bucket, a great many of his countrymen took strong exception to his young son, Kim Jong-un, taking his place. But even they were ultimately won over by the slogan “Anyone but Obama.”

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