Why we need to legally remove Obama

By Larry Klayman

As it stands today, it’s now as clear as the noses on our faces! The likelihood is that Barack Hussein Obama will win the next presidential election, unless a miracle happens. There are a number of reasons for this.

First, Obama and his leftist comrades, both in and outside of the Democratic National Committee, have amassed a huge fundraising war chest of over a billion dollars. This money will be spent during the upcoming presidential campaign and dwarfs by far the monies that can be raised by any Republican candidate, given that they have already spent handsomely during the primary campaign. Unfortunately, as the old adage goes, “Money talks and nobody walks.”

Second, credible rumors abound that Hillary Clinton will replace Joe Biden as Obama’s vice-presidential running mate. This makes perfect sense. No only is Ms. Hillary ruthless to the core and would do any bidding to put herself in the No. 2 seat, but so too would her equally felonious hubby, Bill. In this way, he could back door his way into the White House for a second run at the interns, among other “affairs of state.”

The sad reality is that most liberals – particularly the Jewish ones – continue to lament that Ms. Hillary is not the president, having lost faith in “Hussein,” given his latent “black Muslim-like” anti-Semitism and hostility toward them and the state of Israel. While Ms. Hillary is a true criminal – remember Filegate, Travelgate and over 30 other scandals during the Clinton administration – the disgusting reality is that she would, given the so-called “rehabilitation” of the Clintons by even the Republican “leadership,” be a formidable vice-presidential pick. Peoples’ memories are short, regrettably.

In the case of the Republican leadership, it’s not their memories that are retarded; they are afraid of her. Over 80 material witnesses died – including Hillary’s last, and I mean last, boyfriend, deceased Clinton Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster (to be blunt, it now appears that Ms. Hillary prefers only women; see my book “Whores”) – during her last reign of terror, and she and hubby Bill have enough dirt on Republican leaders to make them “friends forever.”

Third, there are signs, however feeble, that the economy is “improving.” We are at such a low point that any upward tick will be used by Obama and the Dems to pound their chests that Hussein’s economic “plan” is finally working.

Fourth, while not likely to be Iran – which has likely bribed Hussein and Ms. Hillary to avoid military action to remove the regime in Tehran – the administration will try to create a “wag the dog” scenario, similar to what the Clintons did in the runup to the elections in 1996. A good little international crisis will serve them well in helping to convince voters that “now” is not a good time for change. In effect, Hussein will convert his “schtick” from the “change” candidate of 2008 to the “we cannot afford change” candidate in 2012.

Last but hardly least, however, Obama’s and Ms. Hillary’s greatest strength is the current Republican presidential candidates themselves. Never before in modern history have we witnessed a bigger bunch of compromised misfits if not halfwits. Whether its personal or financial scandal, or whatever, we all can agree that the crop of candidates for the highest office in the land do not measure up – however evil their Democratic opponents are.

In just the last few days, the alleged sordid details of Newt Gingrich’s personal past, with a happily compliant ex-wife, Marianne, have been used by the leftist media, along with Mitt Romney’s financial dealings and clumsy and overly defensive prevarication about releasing and publicly disclosing his tax returns, to promote Obama. While its hard to take hook, line and sinker anything said by a jilted and estranged ex-wife – indeed, Marianne Gingrich’s ABC interview is revolting in its cheapness and hatefulness – and while there is likely nothing wrong with Mitt’s financial dealings ( in fact they undoubtedly will prove that he actually knows something about business and the economy) – this will be used by Hussein, the Dems and the establishment media (with the exception of Fox News) to damage Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. And, the third alternative choice, Rick Santorum, simply does not conduct himself with enough gravitas to have voters seriously consider voting for him as president. The reality is that Santorum is also pure establishment – as his past “big government” voting record in Congress and his “miraculous” enrichment as a lobbyist after he was defeated as Pennsylvania senator underscore.

But worse than all of this, is that the Republican candidates, however compromised, are busy destroying themselves, with their attacks on each other. Each time one of them opens his mouth he helps produce another Obama/Clinton campaign commercial that will be effectively used by Dems during the lead-up to 2012 elections. And, as important, the media-hyped sleaze on any one of the Republican presidential candidates creates such a bad odor that it causes all of them to smell. I think we all can agree that Newt Gingrich’s “odor” – coming on the heels of the Herman Cain fiasco – is likely to rub off on even Romney or Santorum, and I am not just talking about the gas this grossly overstuffed blowhard must emit periodically.

So we come back to square one again. “We the People” must do everything within our lawful powers to remove Obama and his comrades from office; be that enmeshing them in an impeachable or peaceful civil disobedience that makes even Ghandi proud. Yes, we are in a revolutionary state, and as it stands today, the ballot box is not likely to remove the most disloyal, anti-American, pro-Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, socialistic and destructive president in our country’s brief history. And, if Hussein is not bad enough, think of the likelihood that he will be joined by the criminal Ms. Hillary and backstage by another felon, her lovely hubby Bill, in “ruling” – and ultimately in destroying – our beloved country for another four years! God save the republic!

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