By Kevin DeAnna

WASHINGTON – MSNBC’s loss is the conservative movement’s gain, as Pat Buchanan is ready to make his voice heard after being forced out from the liberal cable news network.

On Friday night, Buchanan and British author Timothy Stanley spoke to an overflow crowd at Washington, D.C., bookstore “Politics and Prose” on Stanley’s new book, “The Crusader: The Life and Tumultuous Times of Pat Buchanan.”

Stanley noted that the life of his subject really forms a kind of biography of the entire American conservative movement. Pat Buchanan caught up with WND after the event for an exclusive interview about his past with MSNBC and his plans for the future.

Buchanan stated that his departure from MSNBC “is a little liberating” as he is now free to speak at any venue he chooses. He revealed that his parting was unexpected, as he was planning to head up to New Hampshire in January to cover the Republican primary, but the call never came.

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Buchanan described his separation with the cable network as “cordial” but had harsh words for the far left groups that successfully forced his departure. While he noted that they had undeniably scored a victory, Buchanan suggested it was temporary.

“We dragged them out into the open so people can see them for what they are, which is fundamentally blacklisters,” he said.

He criticized “the folks that are trying to silence me … whose whole stock and trade is to silence, and censor, and blacklist you” but expressed a fundamental faith in average Americans who support free speech even for views they disagree with.

Most importantly, Buchanan recognized that his own fame and the tremendous reaction to his dismissal may have a galvanizing effect for conservatives. While his views were once “mainstream American views” and he contributed to the 49 state victories of Presidents Nixon and Reagan, today there are movements and groups that call his views “so extreme that they are not allowed to be heard in America.”

As people recognize that even someone with his prominence and well known views suddenly is silenced and denied a hearing, Buchanan claims that more and more people will ask “where is that going to take us and where is that leading us.”

Buchanan also let slip that he has a contract for a new book that will pick up where the autobiographical “Right from the Beginning” left off. His next surefire best-seller will detail his eight and a half years with Richard Nixon, from helping to create the “New Nixon” that captured the White House to when “that helicopter lifted off the lawn” after Watergate.

Pat Buchanan was also delighted to learn that the founders of WND, Joseph and Elizabeth Farah, actually met at a Buchanan conference. WND itself is one of the legacies of the Buchanan Brigades.

The interview:

There will be others. Now free to speak and write what he wants, Pat Buchanan is preparing to continue his work for the conservative views that he’s held all his life. “The Crusader” may tell what he’s accomplished thus far, but Pat Buchanan’s story isn’t over yet.

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