Crossword 137: The octopus

By John J. Bulten

1. How Jack Cashill describes the cooking of Bill Ayers
5. Republican senator Tom Coburn, for one: colloq.
9. Alternative to the whiteboard
10. Relaxing dip after a hard day in Hollywood?
11. Parts of kayoes
12. Type of tower frequently built on the sands of humanism
14. Property right asserted by governments (in the absence of sovereign citizens): 2 wds.
17. It can be perfect or screwball
19. Violent mudslinging quarrel
22. Farah, Kupelian or Corsi, e.g.
23. A portrait gallery of the Founding Fathers: colloq.
24. Trump’s description of any Republican candidate who bobs and weaves in popularity: hyph.
25. Formerly, lifetime commitment, or, now, at-will association with a passing fad
1. Describing WND and its people, for 15 years since 1997
2. Quiet curly-tailed dog named by the Bantu
3. Purple denizen of brush-covered stone walls
4. What 14-Across becomes when sovereign citizens refuse to deign to government overreach: 2 wds.
6. Michigan city nicknamed after a musical instrument
7. Practicing “tikkun olam” in the Messianic body
8. Self-liberated fugitive from reality: colloq.
13. The nukes of nonproliferation states, or the alleged nukes of other states
15. Literally, “unearth” from obscurity
16. Plasmatic
18. Like a cougar (for those unoffended by the word “cougar”)
20. One-two punch from Chuck Norris
21. Part of OWS or WSJ

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