I got an email this week from Markos Moulitsas – the proprietor of the Daily Kos, which I had previously labeled as “a disgusting left-wing website connected with George Soros.”

Moulitsas didn’t take issue with my characterization of the Daily Kos as disgustingly left wing.

But he did challenge me for evidence of the connection between the site and George Soros. That should give you an idea of how much even leftists hate being associated with Soros.

His exact words: “Since you’re a self-styled hotshot investigative something-or-other, I’d love to see your evidence for the claim that: ‘Daily Kos, a disgusting left-wing website [is] connected with George Soros.’ So, pray tell, what is this connection?”

I hadn’t realized Kos was a prayerful person.

Notice he doesn’t actually dispute the claim – he asks for the evidence. In fact, Kos was so impressed that WND had finally acknowledged his existence that he cited my report to promote his campaign to have ace undercover whistleblower James O’Keefe prosecuted for voter fraud for actually exposing voter fraud.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, here is my evidence for the connection between the Daily Kos and Soros.

The Daily Kos is partnered with Soros-funded groups in a whole litany of subversive causes.

Let’s start with Accountability Now, a group founded to enlist more “progressives” as candidates in the Democratic Party. In this press release published by the political action committee, it explains who is a part of this coalition: The SEIU (synonymous with ACORN), Daily Kos, United Steelworkers of America (Commie union), ColorOfChange, Working for Us PAC, Blog PAC and MoveOn.org. I have no doubts that more than one of these groups is funded by Soros, but at least one is for certain – MoveOn.org.

Kos even posted this on his own website – so I’m sure it’s 100 percent accurate.

Soros gave at least $2.5 million to MoveOn.org. The DailyKos admittedly partnered with this group. Is that not a connection?

Maybe Moulitsas will charge “guilt by association” – a favorite phrase of disgusting leftists and also one of their favorite pastimes.

But the association doesn’t stop there – nor does the guilt.

ColorOfChange, another one of the members of the Accountability Now coalition, was also underwritten by Soros. And Soros boasts of this this connection.

It also turns out – surprise, surprise – Soros created yet another partner in the coalition: the Working for Us PAC.

I don’t doubt Soros backed even more members of the Accountability Now project, but I think I have more than met the Moulitsas challenge. I don’t even need a Glenn Beck chalkboard to draw these connections. They are self-evident.

Funny thing about the Accountability Now project – the group was accused of spending nearly $300,000, none of it actually supporting candidates for federal office!

Makes one wonder if Moulitsas might be having second thoughts about his involvement with the Soros front groups. Maybe he’s steamed that he hasn’t gotten any direct funding. Or maybe he was wondering if I had discovered it.

I don’t know.

But one thing you can be pretty sure about. If there is disgusting left-wing organizing taking place, there is almost assuredly no more than one degree of separation between that activity and George Soros.

Here’s a curious Tweet from Moulitsas: “I’d be a millionaire if that Soros check would finally arrive.” Sounds like someone who wouldn’t be ashamed to be directly funded by the mad Hungarian who broke the Bank of England – someone possibly even expectant of that funding.

It wasn’t that long ago – just over a year – that someone at the Daily Kos itself proposed a “merger,” if that is not too offensive a term for the progressives, of Markos Moulitsas, Arianna Huffington and George Soros to “develop an alternative media” combining “media savy (sic), and essential capital to bring such a project to fruition.”

But I never said the Daily Kos and George Soros were connected at the hip or separated at birth. I said they were connected. And connected they are.

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