Fox drops Judge Napolitano show

By WND Staff

WASHINGTON – Judge Andrew Napolitano’s “Freedom Watch” on Fox Business Channel, arguably the most hard-hitting conservative show on TV, is being dropped by the network later this month in a major shakeup of the lineup.

FBC is also dropping shows by David Asman and Eric Bolling. The network will repeat earlier shows, “The Willis Report,” “Cavuto” and “Lou Dobbs Tonight” in their place.

Fox is also developing a new show hosted by Melissa Francis, who recently joined FBN from CNBC, that will air at 5 pm ET.

Bolling and Napolitano will continue their on-air roles at Fox Business and Fox News; Asman will continue to anchor the 4 pm ET show on Fox Business.

“We look forward to Judge Napolitano, David and Eric continuing to make significant contributions to both FOX Business and FOX News,” said FBN Executive Vice President Kevin Magee.

In response, WND Editor Joseph Farah, who appeared on Napolitano’s show earlier this week, said: “Say goodbye to the most uncompromisingly conservative program on TV. It may have been the only show on TV that measured politics and economics through the lens of the U.S. Constitution.”

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