It’s going to take the people of the United States, if they will, to stand up, return the concept of family and marriage to its biblical foundation, and push homosexuality back into its position as a violation of God’s standards, according to a ministry leader who has been vocal on the issue.

WND reported earlier when Bradlee Dean of the YouCanRunButYouCannotHideInternational ministry wrote to President Obama, asking him to begin work to restore the high standard of biblical marriage – a bedrock of society for millennia – to the nation.

In response, Obama, who has openly promoted homosexuality and other alternative sexual lifestyle choices at every opportunity in the Oval Office, said he appreciates Dean’s “perspective.” He said he takes such opinions “seriously.”

“Please know that your concerns will be on my mind in the days ahead,” he wrote.

But Dean told WND that it’s clear that Obama “is at war with America as you know it. He stated election eve 2008 that he wanted to ‘fundamentally transform the United States of America.’ He purposes to demoralize, pervert, weaken and overthrow America and our Constitution, with marriage and our children in his sights.”

His comments come in light of Washington state’s legislation to legitimize same-sex “marriage,” a move that already is drawing formal opposition. Five other states through legislation or court fiat already have opened the doors to same-sex “marriage.”

“He told the Department of Justice not to defend marriage (DOMA); he appointed an education czar who wanted to queerify the elementary; and he even went so far as to repeal the law that prevents sodomy and bestiality in our military…”

“Does not Barack know that government’s whole purpose is to restrain men from sin … It is not to advocate that which God condemns,” Dean said.

Dean said it now is clear that the last bastion against the advance of homosexuality is America’s citizenry.

“John and Robert Kennedy had called Martin Luther King into a meeting at the Oval Office during the civil rights movement in the 1960s,” Dean said. “He was asked by John and Robert to keep the issues in the courts. Martin Luther King knew that the courts would slow up, and at length, stop the process of them winning their God-given rights… Martin responded to John and Robert, ‘I must take it to the people.’ And to the people he took it,” Dean said.

He cites the “Gay Manifesto” as it has become known on the Internet;

“It will give you understanding as to who you are dealing with,” he said.

He said Obama’s accomplishments have been “assaulting, demoralizing, only adding to the fire of confusion, not only to the American family, but to our posterity, which he intended.”

“He is gauging the American people to see how far he can go before the American people stand up and say ‘no more,'” he said.

“In my experience, American Christians and conservatives are generally too ‘decent’ and ‘civilized’ to match up adequately with their radical adversaries, at least in the initial stages of the battle,” Dean told WND. “They are too prone to give them the benefit of the doubt, to believe there is goodness and good sense in them.

“This radical president talks of justice and democracy and equality. People can’t really believe that he wants to destroy a society that has brought wealth and prosperity to so many people. … The American peoples’ compassion is a weakness that their enemies do not and will not share.”

Dean’s original letter, several months back, reminded Obama, “When you took your oath during your inauguration, you put your hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution, ‘so help me God,’ in front of the American people who entrusted you to be their president.”

“Your predecessor President George Washington said, ‘It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.’ And by your oath you were affirming what has always been said and done by every one of your predecessors.

“However, your actions in office have not taken us back to the foundation of this country, which made us so great, but instead you have made an unfortunate decision to leave off those principles to an even greater degree.

“Sadly, our posterity … has been reaping the disastrous consequences of the older generation’s lack of responsibility. They have been the target – there is no doubt about that. It is our duty (and one I take seriously) to protect our posterity from those who have been attacking them,” said the letter.

Dean, who brought a legal action against MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow over her alleged misrepresentation of his statements about Christianity and Islam, also is a preacher, radio show host for “Sons of Liberty” and a professional drummer for the rap-core band Junkyard Prophet.

He also regularly speaks at hundreds of high school assemblies that his team has delivered to more than 330 high schools in 22 states.

Their goal is to encourage students to make good choices in their lives. He said hundreds of school officials have praised his work, but recently he’s come under criticism for including in his presentation the fact that for years homosexuality was illegal.

“Once a radical government-backed agenda began to be implemented … the media (not the schools themselves) began to criticize my assembly program (although most of the time they weren’t there to see it),” he said at the time.

“My message was effective, and someone didn’t like it. Why? For two minutes … I merely showed the laws on sodomy from 1962 to today and asked the question, ‘Why is this being pushed so hard through the media as being a healthy lifestyle?’

“This baffled me considering the fact that the statistics of living this way show the exact opposition,” he said.

He then cited Obama’s actions that are pushing children to make such unhealthy choices:

  • “Mr. President, you chose Kevin Jennings, founder of GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) as your ‘Safe School’ czar. Kevin Jennings is an admitted radical homosexual activist who wrote the forward to a book called ‘Queering Elementary Education.’ He has also made clear that Harry Hay is one of his heroes. Harry Hay, Mr. President, is an icon for the organization NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association – a known pedophile group) whose motto was ‘sex before eight before it’s too late.’ when marching in gay pride parades.”
  • “Mr. President, did you know that the NEA refused to pass an amendment (I 24) designed to protect the rights of students against sexual misconduct by teachers? Incidentally, teacher crimes committed on students are rising in horrifying numbers. The NEA also went an extra step in their decision. They already had an LGBT caucus, but went the extra mile to be sure they also had a ‘drag queen’ caucus.”
  • “And concerning the family, Mr. President, you have expressed a desire to overturn DOMA. Why would you want to overturn the defense of marriage act? Is it not sacred to you and your administration? Doesn’t a solid family breed solid children, thus benefiting society to a large degree?”
  • “Concerning government, Mr. President, why did you seemingly look the other way as hundreds of defense and intelligence employees, including some with top-level security clearances, bought and downloaded child pornography on private or government computers, a felony offense?”

Dean’s original letter noted that these actions are just “the tip of the iceberg.”

“Our posterity was the No. 1 concern of our forefathers. Guarding their education and morality was of the highest priorities, which is why many of them became college presidents, and authors of dictionaries and textbooks which exemplified the importance of morality and responsibility,” he wrote.

Bradlee Dean

“Your … decisions dishonor everything our forefathers gave us when they laid down their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

“I, for one, will not and cannot stand down on this issue. It is your ‘duty’ …. to turn from the path you are leading us, and instead restore our constitutional Republic as One Nation Under God. This is the only answer America has, especially in times like these,” he said..

“You … are to magnify the laws which the Son of God (in the spiritual) or our veterans (in the natural) died to give us, not desecrate them,” he wrote.

WND previously reported on Dean’s dispute with Maddow and MSNBC, documenting when Maddow was served with a lawsuit over her statements.

The lawsuit alleges defamation for her references to Dean’s YouCanRunButYouCannotHideInternational ministry.

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