‘No vagrancy’: CPAC refuses to be Occupied

By WND Staff

Editor’s note: WARNING – the following video contains language that is not suitable for all audiences.

Andrew Breitbart at CPAC

WASHINGTON – Attendees of the Conservative Political Action Conference at the Marriott Wardman Park in the District of Columbia were alerted this weekend to the sound of the police intercepting Occupy protesters.

While some members of the Occupy movement came into the Marriott restaurant to speak with CPAC attendees, others attempted a more violent confrontation, only to be stopped by security and law enforcement.

WND was on hand to record not only the altercation, but also a feisty response from conservative activist and media entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart.

Restaurant patrons moved to the balcony to observe the police action against the angry Occupy protesters. Breitbart was among the patrons.

Breitbart then left the restaurant balcony in order to follow the police as they escorted the protesters away from the Marriott entrance.

As Breitbart confronted the Occupiers with the history of rape and violence in their movement and shouted for them to “behave,” they continued to chant and shout insults at conservatives.

Eventually Breitbart and the other patrons were asked to return to the restaurant as law enforcement continued to secure the area.

WND followed to interview Breitbart, who stated that the Occupiers were Obama’s “shock troops” and that their tactics were similar to the infamous Gaza flotilla. He also condemned the movement for infringing on the First Amendment rights of the CPAC attendees and for attempting to subvert America’s Judeo-Christian legacy.

The video, available exclusively on WND.com, is below:

[jwplayer N8Bxb9hd]

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