Barack Obama repeatedly has said he wants to have Americans work together, share the burden, “spread the wealth” and have everyone play by the same rules.

But that apparently comes only after Americans are divided up, categorized and separated by race, ethnicity, even religion.

The evidence comes from Obama himself, even though he once said, ” I have asserted a firm conviction – a conviction rooted in my faith in God and my faith in the American people – that working together we can move beyond some of our old racial wounds, and that in fact we have no choice if we are to continue on the path of a more perfect union.”

But his campaign divides people into the following categories: African-Americans, Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders, Jewish Americans, Latinos, LGBT Americans, people of faith, veterans & military families, women and young Americans.

“In visiting Obama’s website, visitors there will find a disturbing drop down menu titled ‘Groups’ listing several categories that Obama and his team identified as sub-sections of the American population that he believes should be isolated and spoken down to in a way that is different from that of the general public,” explained a commentary at Tampa’s CBS affiliate.

That came under the headline, “Is President Obama using race, gender and religion to divide America for political gain?”

Officials with Obama’s campaign office in Chicago refused to respond to telephone and email messages from WND seeking comment.

But an example of the messages that divide Americans into subcategories is in his promotion for the African-American community to provide him support.

The video:

There, he talks about his launch of a group in his support divided by race.

“This month we’re announcing the 2012 launch of African-Americans for Obama. I don’t think there’s a better time than African American history month to consider the tremendous progress we’ve made through the sacrifices of so many or a better time to commit to meeting the very real challenges we face right now.

“Every day, I think of the generations of African American men and women who overcame slavery and oppression, risked their own safety to cast a ballot, even gave up their lives to help build a country that lived up to its founding principals. Their extraordinary hope, their unwavering determination changed this country. Their efforts made it possible for somebody like me to be here today.

“This is another moment we’ve got to decide what kind of a country we want to be. We can either settle for a country where a shrinking number of people do really well or we can build a nation where everybody gets a fair shot. Everybody does their fair share. And everybody plays by the same rules. This campaign is powered by folks at every level taking ownership where it matters most. Around the kitchen table. In barber shops and beauty salons. In the faith community, at work or at school. And of course in the voting booth this election day. Because we are greater together than we can ever be on our own.”

Said the Tampa editorial, “Within each of these sub-categories, Obama panders to the audience with anecdotal talking points seemingly to address the core issues these groups historically show interest in, and offering his administration as the only solution to t heir needs.”

The commentary continued, “After thoroughly reading each section, one can leave with no other conclusion that to assess the ultimate intent of Obama’s categorizing Americans is to create division, fragmentation, and discord toward one another, or the general population as a whole.”

The “Definitely Not Decaf” commentary by Ira Pickett said, “I find it interesting and disturbing at the same time that Obama isolates ‘Jewish Americans’ separate from “people of faith.’ Does he not believe that Jews have faith? Why does he address ‘young Americans’ but not the largest pool of registered votes – those over 55 years of age. Surely ‘women’ are important, but why is there not a category for ‘men’? Further, why is there no mention of ‘business owners’ or ‘disabled Americans’ or other groups?

“President Obama’s categorization of Americans into distinct groups for political gain intentionally works to destroy everything the civil rights movement and [Martin Luther] King sought to create by inspiring equality and blindness toward differences,” Pickett wrote.

In fact, the campaign appears to be undermining Obama’s own statements.

In 2009, he noted that, “The strongest democracies flourish from frequent and lively debate, but they endure when people of every background and belief find a way to set aside smaller differences in service of a greater purpose.”

The promotion for Obama’s sub-category for African Americans also notes that such historical work allowed him to “be here,” and the video appears as if it might have been made at Obama’s White House residence.

The White House refused to respond to WND requests for a response on that question, but if it was made on federal property, on its face it would appear to violate campaign laws that forbid the use of government resources for campaigns.

A person who self-identified as “Queen Muse,” a “media affairs intern” with a White House email address, told WND whether the video was made at the White House should be answered by the campaign.

“Please contact the president’s campaign…” the message said.

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