Dear Mr. Kovacs:

Just read your story “Farah on Fox TV: Rubio not a natural-born citizen,” a well-written truth that needs to get out across the nation immediately!  Why?  Because I’m hearing this supposition about Rubio being a possible vice-presidential candidate more and more on the radio.

This cockamamie idea of a Rubio or Jindahl pick for veep needs to be quashed before it catches fire and takes the heat off the Obama investigations into eligibility. This is probably the reason why Republicans have not gone after the ineligibility fraud of Obama in any meaningful way to this day in spite of the fact he’s running this country into the ground!

It is refreshing to see that at least six states are now questioning Obama’s eligibility to even be on the ballot as a candidate without proof as to his legitimacy.

Thanks for the article. I hope many of you keep exposing Obama’s ruse and keep him off the ballots across the nation. In my opinion, he should not only be fully exposed for the usurper he is but should be ousted from office and our White House!

Cea Miks

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