I certainly believe there are some very questionable things going on in the GOP, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a conspiracy to get Mitt Romney elected.

I do believe that the party is now controlled by a bunch of egghead elitist progressives (nice name for socialists). Considering the fact that these elitists are dealing with a society that has been dumbed down by our government-controlled schools and a predominantly government-controlled media for the past 50-plus years, they can pretty easily “sell” their candidate of choice to the now-ignorant electorate! Maybe it’s not a conspiracy, but it’s certainly borderline!

The dumbed down populace had grown to such a degree that a majority was able to be fooled enough to elect a communist/Marxist who hates America and its Constitution. Kind of amazing what can happen when you feed the “cockroaches” and throw out the “exterminator,” isn’t it? Combine this with the ignorance of the populace, moral decay, and greed and corruption running rampant in our government – and is it any wonder that we are right at the abyss, ready to take our place in the ash heap of failed governments, the greatest form of government the world has ever known?

Such a pity!

Bob Baird

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