Capital Crime: One for the punishment of which death is inflicted, which punishment is called capital punishment (one or two examples: premeditated murder, burglary and rape, with additional bodily harm).

Doing right: Actions which are fair, proper, good, upright, righteous, virtuous, moral, ethical, honorable, honest, lawful, legal.

Doing wrong: Actions which involve crime, lawbreaking, lawlessness, criminality, misconduct, misbehavior, malpractice, corruption, immorality, sin, sinfulness, wickedness, evil, vice, iniquity, villainy, offense, felony, wrong, misdeed, misdemeanor, fault, peccadillo, transgression.

Now I have a few questions: Says who? Who sets the standards for right and wrong? Who gives them the right to establish these standards? Suppose we disagree on our definitions of right or wrong … who are you to decide for me? Based on what?

Remember when sodomy was not only wrong but a crime? Who suddenly decided it was not only right, but now legal? And who has the right to declare pornography as wrong or illegal? Doesn’t that interfere with my rights? Who gives them that right?

Why should my next-door neighbor be allowed to earn $250,000 a year and I only have $32,500 of disposable income? Why shouldn’t he be forced to share with me? If you are making $75,000 a year, and I am only making $45,000, why should you be allowed to have more than enough? Why can’t I take some of your extra, even if I have to do it with a gun? Shouldn’t we have wealth redistribution to insure fairness?

In certain cultures, under certain circumstances, when the old and sick were looked upon as drains on the community’s resources, they would be thrown into the sea, buried alive, or simply starved to death, so why should a nurse be given 11 life sentences for 22 mercy killings of very sick and elderly people? Why should a mother who, with love, kills her brain-damaged son to end his living hell be sent to prison, when another mother can kill her child and call it choice?

Since Muslims and Hindus (in some countries) can have more than one wife, why is it illegal for me to have more than one? If a Muslim can rape his wife, why can’t I rape someone? Who determines what is rape? Isn’t it just my word against hers? “She was leading me on, so I followed my natural instincts.” Who says it was rape? Plus, if she doesn’t behave, why do they want to put me in jail just because I beat her up? If he can divorce his wife by simply saying “I divorce thee” three times, why can’t I do the same thing in Virginia?

Why can Saudi Arabia say homosexuals should be put to death if homosexuality is OK in the United States? If NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) thinks sex with boys, including 8-year-olds or younger, is OK, who can say it isn’t? Why send teachers to jail just because they have sex with their students? Isn’t that interfering with their freedoms? Just because a girl is between 5 and 13 years old, why sentence a man to 50 years in prison for satisfying a natural sex urge? If the “age of consent” is 12 in Zimbabwe and Mexico, 14 in Indiana and Iowa, why 18 in Wisconsin?

If I am late for an appointment, why do I have to slow down to 25 mph in a school zone? Why do I have to stop for kids crossing the street from a school bus? Shouldn’t they have to watch out for cars, not vice versa? Besides, who decided that faster than 25 mph in a school zone is wrong? Isn’t that merely someone’s opinion? Who decided I cannot control my driving at 70 mph in a 55 mph zone? And what makes some judge smarter than I just because I had a couple of cold ones on the way home?

Did anyone come up with the answers to some questions I asked in an earlier column: Should lawbreakers be prosecuted just because they don’t agree with society’s standards of behavior? Is anything truly right or wrong, really legal or illegal? Does it all just depend on whether one agrees or disagrees?

If we all began as an electromagnetically charged single-cell product of lifeless slime, evolving, like other life forms, with no reason or purpose other than survival of the fittest, why should I be subjected to another life form’s delineation of right or wrong?

If no One is in charge, isn’t everyone?

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