WND betrayed Bible translators

By WND Staff

So, the article “Wycliffe defends changing titles for God” is your balance piece? While it did contain a couple of balancing elements, the article still emphasized the opposite view, slanting it to project that the writer and WND don’t buy Wycliffe’s feeble attempts to defend themselves, and should not be give the benefit of the doubt.

At the most a handful of translations, out of thousands, have come to the conclusion that this is necessary, based on their experience in working in particular language groups (experience you don’t have – every situation is unique – but it is easier to paint them all the same). You may not agree with them. But instead of disagreeing, Wycliffe is being painted as having abandoned biblical truth, such that all its work should be defunded.

There is no liberalism or political correctness in Wycliffe. Such views are shunned by members in the organization, who are all among the most conservative believers and conservative with regard to their view of Scripture, despite what your articles imply. Such implications are lies and distortions the enemy wants you to believe.

The effect of this article, which at best way oversimplified a complex issue, will be to damage and possibly destroy the efforts of thousands of conservative evangelical Christians and their years of difficult work, who may not be able to finish their work of bringing God’s Word to people who don’t have it in their language, because simplistic-minded people buy into the slant of your articles. The entire effort of Wycliffe is demonized, because of an accusation against a small minority, maybe 1 percent of the work, over issues you don’t fully understand.

Well, God takes everything we think, say, do and write into consideration in his judgment. I thank God that my translation, in a non-Muslim language group, was finished before being attacked and defunded and discredited by people with the help of WND. It was hard enough just dealing with the difficulties that are inherent in such work, without having to deal with judgmental attacks by fellow Christians accusing me of all kinds of things that are not true about me.

I weep for the heartache this will cause many friends, colleagues and minority language groups who will suffer as a result of this attack. And I weep for this country, that doesn’t have a conservative media voice with integrity. I thought WND was that voice. Now I will no longer be a reader of your site. I conclude that ALL media are heartless. slanted and corrupt, not just the liberal media.

Betrayal by people you though you could trust and depend on always hurts the most. I only pray that somehow you are made painfully aware of the grief and hardship your sensationalist exposé causes among dedicated missionaries in God’s kingdom, so you can repent. We are required to love our enemies, but we are not required to read or promote your propaganda. May the Lord bless you with true insight and understanding. You need it. Goodbye.

A former WND supporter,

Daniel Boerger

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