A contemptible race-monger in chief

By Mychal Massie

Like a fly to fresh horse manure or his wife to a hot-buttered biscuit, Obama wasted no time injecting himself into the cruel tragedy of the Trayvon Martin shooting. The shooting and subsequent loss of life is a tragedy, but it is a tragedy that could be used to draw people together. Instead, contemptible race-mongers like Obama use it as currency to both divide and further their agenda.

Obama was elected to be leader of the country, not divide it. He claims to be a Christian, but when presented with perfect opportunities to show his faith in a healing manner, he chooses instead to play to the lowest common denominator. But with that said, his behavior was in keeping with his character.

If he felt compelled to say something, he should have said that the shooting was a terrible situation and a tragic loss for everyone concerned. He should have said that everyone had suffered loss – Trayvon’s family, his friends, the community and the gentleman who shot him. No one walked away unscathed.

But rather than call for calm – rather than say now is a time for prayer – rather than saying he would condemn race-baiting in the strongest possible terms, Obama took the lead in dividing the injured community along racial lines. Only the most contentious, abhorrent and self-indulgent human being would foment racial divide at such a time.

He has called for an investigation, but investigation in his administration has a different meaning than what we would typically expect. He didn’t call for justice or a special prosecutor in the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case, and he’s used his office to stall and interfere with Fast and Furious – the illegal gunrunning operation led by Attorney General Eric Holder. What about the loss of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry? Shouldn’t Obama be even more eager to see justice served in the murder of a law enforcement agent, murdered by the very same illegally sold guns? What about the hundreds of Mexicans murdered by those weapons? Shouldn’t he be concerned about investigating that?

Obama used color-coded references, saying that, if he had a son, the boy would look like Trayvon. Besides the absurdity of that statement, I ask what did Obama say or do when a 13-year-old white boy – who had just arrived at the front door of his home from school – was doused with gasoline and set on fire by two black heinous and evil thugs from the same school who had followed him home? The answer: nothing. Does Obama and his Justice Department dare to suggest that the black boys setting their schoolmate on fire and then taunting him by saying “This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy”? (Read “Sharpton and Obama Prostituting Martin Shooting.”)

Where is Obama’s call for federal, state and local authorities to investigate the boys’ school, which we are told has a pandemic level of black teachers bullying and mocking white children and supporting the bullying of white children by black schoolmates?

Specific to that point, we expect Al Sharpton and the usual array of race-mongers to foment discord, but we expect and demand, more from the nation’s executive office.

For the media to label the shooting as racist, but barely report on what is being done by black teachers and students I referenced in the Kansas City, Mo., school, we can only deduce that they are not interested in truthful reporting. The national media totally ignored the vicious beating of a 12-year-old little white girl at the hands of two black classmates. They called her “fat ho, lesbian bitch and c–t” for a month before they savagely beat her, leaving her with a damaged jaw, missing teeth and a concussion. The reason for the beating? She rebuffed their attempts to compel her be their “girlfriend,” which I submit was code for wanting her to have sex with them. Even after she reported the threats and taunts to the school, McLaughlin Middle School in New Hampshire did absolutely nothing to protect her or discipline the black boys.

Both of these incidents happened earlier this month, but there was no national outcry, no national media attention, no Sharpton and no Obama. And in the case of the little girl, the local media did not even identify the boys as black except to say they were from families seeking asylum. The local media called the beating “bullying.”

Here’s my point. This incident should never have become about race – it should have been about two people with one dead. As president, Obama had a responsibility to follow President Bush’s example of handling the Duke Lacrosse Team incident. Cries by by the media, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and even Duke University professors were ultimately proven wrong when the system was allowed to work.

Obama would do well to at least pretend to hide his racist proclivities.

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