Although it would be damnably difficult to prove unequivocally, it is pretty much common knowledge in the conservative community that during the 2008 election cycle, GOP leaders made a “deal with the devil” in agreeing not to press then-Sen. Obama’s eligibility if the Democratic leadership would not press on the eligibility of John McCain. It was supposed that a major issue might have been raised with regard to McCain’s birth in the Panama Canal Zone.

Whether the Republican leadership has made a similar deal for the 2012 election cycle vis-à-vis Obama’s radical associations and history remains to be seen, and there’s neither time nor space for me to illustrate the abysmally treasonous nature of such a “deal,” if it exists. Suffice it to say that neither Republican leaders, candidates, nor conservative pundits are addressing the issue of Obama’s Marxism, despite all indications, including new evidence that has recently come to light.

Last week I detailed my experiences of March 9, whereupon I commented on a videotape released by the late Andrew Breitbart’s organization featuring Obama and professor Derrick Bell, yet another radical Obama mentor, and the significance of Obama having endorsed Bell, a proponent of Critical Race Theory. A day prior, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien had torpedoed her credibility when she chastised’s Joel Pollak for not understanding this august and revered paradigm (CRT). Pollack subsequently shredded O’Brien after it became apparent that she’d probably not even heard of Critical Race Theory until that day.

As Black Liberation Theology attempted to accord legitimacy to Marxist-infused, apostate Christianity, Critical Race Theory was nothing more than a device of black Marxist intellectuals to apply a scholarly varnish to their ideology. CRT was crafted to do three things: 1) cultivate the aforementioned legitimacy, 2) maintain blacks’ anger and resentment, and 3) ensure that race would remain an issue in America forever and ever, amen.

CRT is now expounded upon in universities and news venues as though it is on a par with string theory, rather than the pseudo-intellectual, propagandistic pap that it is.

In addition to Obama’s radical roots having been verified yet again (in the case of the Bell video), WND has just revealed even more deception pertaining to the Obama narrative. Allen Hulton, a retired U.S. Postal Service carrier who used to deliver mail to Bill Ayers’ parents, has sworn in an affidavit to events that contradict Obama’s claims about Ayers being a casual acquaintance, as well as further bringing Obama’s eligibility into question.

Is this, like the president’s relationship with the radical professor Bell, going to be deemed “no big deal” by high-profile liberals and professing conservatives alike? So what if domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn helped put Obama through Harvard? So what if he might have committed fraud in order to qualify for educational benefits?

If that’s the way it’s going to be, then many Republicans and so-called conservatives will be party to Obama’s re-election, and the likely aftermath thereof, because he will prove to be far less controllable than they think he is, and his plans are far more drastic than they’re willing to admit – at least in public.

Make no mistake, though: Radical that he is, Obama is mobilizing the troops. At first blush, it may seem as though things are just getting “unduly unpleasant,” even for an election year. Then, this might be put down to tensions taken further than usual because of the economy. Some will buy into the notion that there’s some sort of white backlash because of President Obama’s ethnicity.

In recent weeks, the political left has whipped its base into a froth over an alleged “war on women.” Some have already noticed that the homosexual activist community has morphed into a militant corps who viciously attack anyone who believes that they ought not dictate the moral agenda for the rest of us. “Conservative” social media plants troll Facebook and Twitter, attempting to discourage conservatives, admonishing them that they’re being uncivil in their discourse and hurting their own cause. (If you’re envisioning a computer-filled social media “call center” in the bowels of the White House right about now, you might not be too far off the mark.) Members of the Occupy movement are waiting with bated breath for the call to charge forth from their parks and dumpsters to pillage suburbia.

While the orchestration of all this by the Obama camp is covert, it’s still easy to make the connections. From George Soros’ money pouring into key states, to former green-energy czar and avowed communist Van Jones advising the Occupy movement, to the symbiosis between radical Marxist and Islamic organizations, it all comes back around to Obama’s gutter politics and gutter playmates – if you think that sort of thing even matters.

And yes, soon black Americans will be rallied like never before, whether via Critical Race Theory-spouting academics, or mail-order street preachers turned radio talk-show hosts. We may already be seeing the beginnings of this with the NAACP appealing to the United Nations Human Rights Council for help in fighting U.S. voter identification laws, as they did last week.

And it will get ugly.

Derrick Bell declared that we would always have racism in America. He had an agenda behind that statement, that of maintaining the relevance of people such as himself. He might have proven truly useful had he dedicated himself to thwarting those who actually do practice racism.

Because if you show me the white people who are still oppressing blacks in America, I’ll show you liberal Democrats and Marxists.

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