WASHINGTON – Actor Alec Baldwin, who earlier this week called Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., an “oil whore,” has a long history of casting slurs and issuing outrageous attacks on those with whom he disagrees. But he apparently cannot take what he dishes.

The most notable instance was Baldwin’s call for the late Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Ill., to be stoned to death – along with his wife and children.

It was Dec. 12, 1998, when Baldwin said, “I am thinking to myself, if we were in other countries, we would all right now, all of us together … would go down to Washington and we would stone Henry Hyde to death. We would stone him to death. Wait! … Shut up! No, shut up! I’m not finished. We would stone Henry Hyde to death and we would go to their homes and we’d kill their wives and their children. We would kill their families.”

Among other incendiary statements from Baldwin are:

  • On AOL after its news service reported on him: “Its homepage content is written by the dumbest bastards in the world.”
  • On a coffee server: “Starbucks on 93 and B’Way. Uptight Queen barista named JAY has an attitude problem.”
  • During his fight with ex-wife Kim Basinger, Baldwin called his then-11-year-old daughter “a rude, thoughtless little pig” and later left a voice mail to the child: “You don’t have the brains or the decency as a human being.”
  • On Sarah Palin: “Forget the fact that Palin looks a lot like a really attractive TV star I know. Underneath all the Tina, she’s George.”

Further, on the Republican Party, he said in 1999 in The Nation, “They were on their knees praying to God at night for some kind of situation that would create an ethical parity between their two parties that would enable them finally to put Nixon to rest, where they could say, ‘We are not the only party of rich white guys who keep women down.'”

During the same interview, he said, “The extremist Republican leadership are destroyers, they’re not builders. How can you come in and say that a welfare system, with as many warts as there were on that system, wasn’t a valid attempt by a very intelligent and well meaning group of people several decades ago to address a [serious] moral problem. … The extremist Republicans would rather shut it down and have nothing, rather than repair it. And if we consign a generation of people to abject poverty and ignorance and poor health and illiteracy and so forth, then that’s just too bad.”

He also couldn’t keep his opinions on the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal to himself: “This is sex for many people now. No time for Mateus and cheap spaghetti. No time for slowly moving toward one another with a combination of hope and caution, lust and integrity. One can push a button and get something beyond porn. Porn is essentially two dimensional. One sees and hears. Internet sexting can be perceived as three dimensional by adding the component of ‘feel,’ regardless of how cheap and unearned those feelings are. That person on the screen is doing whatever they’re doing … just for you,” he said.

“Weiner is so busy, he forgot the important rule that everyone you interact with on this plane becomes a co-conspirator. You rely on them to remain confidential. Weiner is the modern, high functioning man. The fact that he is married is just one, albeit a huge, factor. I know many people who divorce over such issues of online betrayal. Appointment sex with your spouse doesn’t always arrive when you need it most. A modern cell phone, loaded with contacts of willing fellow players, has a table with a red checkered table cloth ready for you at virtually any time.”

His commentary on Wall Street also plumbed new depths.

“If you give them the $700 billion, make them issue stock. Make every recipient of the bailout issue stock in return for our ‘investment.’ Don’t give them the dough. Make them sell a stake in their companies. Banks, investment firms, insurance companies, you name it. Put the money in accounts to fund Social Security,” he wrote.

“Or, as my friend David said over dinner tonight, only give the money to small, local banks. Savings and loans. To rebuild the mortgage market on the local level. Borrow the money from a guy who lives in your town. To Hell with Wall Street. The current Wall Street. Why prop up a system that may soon devolve into Three Big Banks, only to watch one of those fold after the election?

“Remember one of the most damning things about this government: they lie. All the time. There is likely more to come. And $700 billion will not cover it. So, they’ll come back for more. A lot more,” he said.

Despite such fiery and controversial rhetoric, Baldwin has not had trouble finding work in Hollywood and attracting work as a spokesman for some of the biggest corporate advertisers in the world. He promotes Capital One, Hulu, Wegmans, New Era Caps and Bonefish Grill products.

In fact, Capital One got $3.57 billion from the Wall Street bailout, and Baldwin’s charities also are linked to the markets.

At the American Spectator, Jeffrey Lord reported that Baldwin was in league with Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Exxon and “a charity that urges evading capital gains tax.”

“Morgan Stanley, the legendary Wall Street investment banking company founded by J.P. Morgan that took $10 billion in federal bailout funds back in 2008 during the financial crisis, is a ‘Corporate Partner’ providing funding to the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund. Named for and listing as chairwoman actor Alec Baldwin’s breast cancer survivor mother.

“With Alec Baldwin himself serving on the Fund’s ‘Advisory Board,'” the report said.

He noted Merrill Lynch also is a corporate partner with the Baldwins, and Exxon Mobil has pitched in as well.

“This would be the same Alec Baldwin who wrote this scathing piece over at the Huffington Post back in the fall of 2008 titled ‘To Hell With Wall Street’ – livid over the Bush administration’s bailout of Wall Street demanding: ‘Don’t give them the dough.'”

Meanwhile, when talk-radio icon Rush Limbaugh called a 30-year-old woman lobbying for free contraception services for herself a “slut,” then apologized, a range of interests demanded he be removed from the air and urged his advertisers to withdraw.

Some did, but Limbaugh said it would not impact his company, and several have asked to return.

But Baldwin, apparently, isn’t able to take what he dishes.

The latest fracas developed when Baldwin called Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., an “oil whore,” shortly after environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. called Inhofe “big oil’s top call girl.”

Author and talk-show host Brian Sussman, a meteorologist, went on the Tweet counter-offensive – directing a pithy challenge to debate Baldwin and/or Kennedy about global warming claims.

“If Jim Inhofe is an ‘oil whore’ then Alec Baldwin is an eco-slut,” Sussman said in his first salvo on Twitter.

He followed that one minute later with this: “If Jim Inhofe is an ‘oil whore’ then Alec Baldwin is an enviro-hooker.”

Less than 60 seconds later, he tweeted: “If Jim Inhofe is an ‘oil whore’ then Alec Baldwin is a green strumpet.”

“Alec Baldwin is an actor who could only debate his eco-views with aid of a script,” he added. “Alec Baldwin is a hypocrite. How large is his personal carbon footprint? Alec Baldwin pollutes society with his leftist rhetoric.”

Then Sussman, the author of “Climategate” and an upcoming release called “Eco-Tyranny: How the Left’s Green Agenda Will Dismantle America,” threw down the gauntlet and challenged Baldwin to a public debate.

“Let’s debate the green issues Alec Baldwin,” Sussman Tweeted. “I’ll even let you bring your hypocrite friend Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to the debate.”

At that point, Baldwin weighed in: “I think Bobby Kennedy would tie you up in a ball, dribble you on the ground and shoot you into an oil well.”

Sussman came back with this: “Speaking of 82-tweet Robert F. Kennedy Jr., it’s amazing how the rich Kennedy clan craves socialism. If Senator Inhofe is an ‘oil whore,’ logic would suggest you, sir, are an eco-slut or perhaps you would best be described as an ‘enviro-hooker’ or a ‘green strumpet?'”

At that point, Sussman noted that Baldwin deleted him as a follower. He continued his Twitter fusillade: “Not before I would shred Robert F. Kennedy’s rhetoric like a raptor flying through the blades of a wind turbine.”

The verbal war of words began March 6 when Kennedy used his Twitter account to go after Inhofe, whose new book, “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future,” has been a special target of environmentalists.

Inhofe refused to get down into the Twitter gutter. His spokesman, Matt Dempsey, said: “It’s hard to believe that Robert Kennedy Jr. would choose to use such language – especially this week,” Dempsey said. “I bet he now regrets it.”

Apparently not.

He later defended his slur to the Politico: “Well, I think it’s an opportunity for Americans to compare the relative moral positions of the two acts in question and which is more harmful to our country,” he said. “In Sen. Inhofe’s case, here’s a U.S. senator whose job is to serve the American public who has made a clear and unambiguous choice to serve the moneyed interests of oil companies.”

“I covered Hollywood as a reporter for a long time, and I know that left-wing celebrities like Baldwin pay no price for shooting off their mouth like this,” said Joseph Farah, founder and CEO of WND.com and WND Books. “In fact, it seems to make them more attractive in the entertainment business, raises their profile and makes them more appealing to fat-cat corporate sponsors. Go figure, huh?”

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