Doubtless you’ve heard of the bizarre case of a Canadian father named Jesse Sansone who was arrested, strip-searched and jailed because his four-year-old daughter drew a crayon picture of a gun. The child reported her daddy used the gun “to shoot bad guys and monsters.”

Hard on the heels of this story, we learn that a Canadian province is trying to impose diversity requirements on homeschoolers.

“A new education act in the Canadian province of Alberta is poised to impose political correctness on families – even those who teach their own children in their own homes,” reports HSLDA. “The legislative proposal known as Bill 2 in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta would explicitly require that all instructional materials ‘reflect the diverse nature and heritage of society in Alberta, promote understanding and respect for others and honour and respect the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Alberta Human Rights Act.’ The bill further requires not only public schools, but also private schools and homeschools to comply with these requirements (§1 ‘interpretation of school’).”

Now before we smugly assume this is just another example of strange Canadian behavior, consider this: A similar attempt was made in Springfield, Mo., where the Task Force for the Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights and Community Relations published a strategic plan to promote “diversity” to students, including homeschoolers.

“The group envisioned creating partnerships with homeschool organizations to increase homeschooled children’s ‘sensitivity’ to the values and concerns of ‘diverse’ groups,” reports HSLDA. “They believed this would keep children from becoming ‘stagnant’ in the absence of new ideas.”

The task force never went forward with its plans because of a lack of funding. But I found the use of the word “stagnant” interesting.

“Isn’t it funny,” I told my husband, “how ‘diversity’ no longer means exposing kids to different ethnicities or cultures. Now ‘diversity’ has come to mean whatever the progressives want it to mean, usually moral diversity. And we’re ‘stagnant’ if we disagree with their viewpoint.”

Frankly, I know very few children who have no exposure to other cultures or ethnic groups. We are a melting pot of a country, after all; and unlike school kids who are locked in a classroom all day, homeschooled kids are out volunteering and getting involved in community activities where – surprise – they meet a diverse range of people. Kinda the whole idea, isn’t it?

But many homeschooled kids are raised with a strong set of beliefs established by their parents. In this, they aren’t alone. Every parent has a set of values they wish to pass on to their children. Whether those values are Bible-centered or Gaia-centered or atheist-centered, parents want to raise their children to share their beliefs. And no one – progressive or conservative, Christian or atheist, Muslim or Jewish – wants their children’s beliefs altered against their wishes.

It just so happens that most public schools reflect the progressive agenda of many liberal parents. Therefore, these parents are happy to send their children into an educational environment compatible and supportive of those beliefs. But let’s say, for the sake of argument, that progressive parents were forced to send their children to a conservative Christian school where their Gaia-centered values were challenged in the name of “diversity.” Don’t you think they’d object?

Of course they would. And if you choose not to understand the truth of that argument, you’re a hypocrite.

Want a little more fun news out of Canada? The school officials who initiated the chain of events that led to Jesse Sansone’s humiliation justified their actions by claiming they – as in, school officials – are “co-parents” of the students, without the annoying requirements of giving birth, paying for braces or providing housing.

This is the most extraordinary case of verbal gymnastics I’ve ever heard to rationalize insane violations of parental authority and privacy. And we can’t feel smug because this all happened in Canada. In America, there are just as many educrats who long to bring students into one unanimous groupthink. (Nutrition Nazis, remember?)

After all, if public officials were really interested in “diversity,” they would happily expose schoolchildren to a wide range of beliefs and opinions, including the conservative Christian perspective.

But, of course, it never works that way. Instead, the only “diversity” that’s permitted is that of the progressive agenda. What educators are attempting to force is a lack of diversity. In a word, groupthink. They want all students to develop opinions only in conformity with what the educrats believe. And what the educrats believe, make no mistake, is a progressive agenda. That’s it. No diversity allowed.

When will progressives learn that this philosophy is not healthy? Groupthink has led toward unspeakable horrors (1930s Germany comes to mind). Putting aside the notion that mandated conformity is profoundly unconstitutional, it must be recognized that diversity of thought and opinion has made our nation great. Not conformity: diversity.

Groupthink is not diverse. Indeed, we might call groupthink what it is: anti-education. It is the attempt to stifle dissent, to mute opposition and to hammer down any nail of criticism that stands up. Educrats do this by “co-parenting” children within their control, and trying to impose “diversity” training on those children outside their sphere of influence.

It should be abundantly clear by now that a one-size-fits-all education doesn’t work. Yet this dead horse is beaten again and again in an attempt to create a nation of Stepford citizens.

That’s why I find the term “diversity” so unsettling. It’s anything but diverse when educators want children to grow up thinking exactly the same. Homeschoolers unintentionally honk off educrats because we not only differ from them in our beliefs, but we raise our children with solid academics, sound morals and truly diverse opinions. No wonder we’re a threat.

Communists believe children belong to the state. Homeschooling parents believe their children belong to them. That’s why they go through the time, expense and effort to raise and educate the beings they created, while paying twice – once for the state education they don’t use, and again for the education their children really need.

I don’t want my children indoctrinated into groupthink with a bunch of “co-parents.” I’d rather they be raised in a diverse and loving environment where Daddy won’t get arrested for protecting his kids from bad guys and monsters.

It is, of course, up for debate about who those bad guys and monsters are.

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