Obama has called for blacks to rally in support of his re-election by launching “African-Americans for Obama.” This race-based call to assembly presses blacks to organize en masse in support of his re-election through volunteer community organizing work to get blacks registered and out to vote.

He used a video promo to tell blacks to pressure churches into supporting his administration by using the so-called faith community. He also instructed voters to become church “congregation captains.”

Cries and assertions that this was an overt act of racism by an overtly racist president – whose wife is the equivalent of Black Panther socialist Angela Davis, only with a taxpayer-paid no-limit credit card – were swift and plentiful.

But I see it a bit differently. I see it as emblematic of Obama’s grotesque narcissism and his eager willingness to elevate himself above God. Telling people to go to church for the purpose of organizing voters is antithetical to the Bible I read. He claims to be a Christian, but nothing about him resembles the walk of a believer, as found in the fourth chapter of Ephesians. He more closely parallels the King of Tyre as found in the 28th chapter of the Old Testament book of Ezekiel. But I digress.

Pastors who allow their churches to be turned into something other than a house of worship and who allow wolves to feed upon their flocks will not be found blameless, either. But, again, I digress.

Nearly 25 years ago, I spoke the following words in a speech I gave. I said: “With pandemic levels of AIDS, abortion, i.e., black genocide, black on black crimes, drugs, disregard for life and personal responsibility, and unparalleled under-achievement – not to mention toxic levels hatred, bitterness and self-serving theology – one would think that black preachers would better serve their congregants by preaching Jesus Christ and factual biblical standards juxtaposed to gathering to figure new ways to extort government, demand handouts and blame whites for every misfortune.”

Which brings me to my point. First of all, churches engaging in community organizing for political purposes are in violation of their federal tax-exempt status. Secondly, I argue that the principle reason so many people (and blacks specifically) give lip service to God, when their lives and actions speak differently, is because the church has become a place for the politics of hatred, wallowing in despair and immiseration. This explains how churches that claim to be Christian can support a man and woman who support the things Obama and his wife do.

Blacks are quick to blame whites for their ills and are applauded by liberal socialists when they do. But I say, if the pastors were preaching Jesus Christ and Him crucified for our sins, there would be no room for the animus and rage that boils within the hearts and bowels of so many persons of color.

The tragedy of tragedies are manifold – not least of which is the lack of sound biblical preaching. Then there is the embracing of those who use blacks and take advantage of them. But at the end of the day, the people are left further behind than when they started.

It’s been nearly 50 years since signing of the Civil Rights Act, and we’ve had nearly 50 years of the Great Society initiatives. It’s been 44 years since President Richard M. Nixon signed race-based affirmative action programs into law, 33 years since the Department of Education was founded and 39 years since abortion on demand became the law of the land.

Everything referenced in the last paragraph came with promises of a better day for blacks, but 50 near years after the fact, blacks are told they’re no better off than before. They are, however, fewer in number thanks to abortion. Now it’s Obama’s turn to use blacks as the stepping stone to another shopping season for his wife and another four years for him to disaffect the nation in a way that further crushes the lungs and backs of urban blacks.

The one thing Obama has fought for is to provide more abortions for low-income women and low-income black women in particular. He has promoted debauchery and fear, and he is the primary reason for fuel prices that make it difficult to put cereal and buttered rice on the table.

Blacks don’t need Obama. They, like so many others, need pastors who will stop leading them astray and stop allowing them to be led astray.

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