By Kevin DeAnna

WASHINGTON – Sen. James Inhofe took his exposé of “The Greatest Hoax” of global warming to the Heritage Foundation today, one day before he is scheduled for an epic showdown with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

Inhofe spoke to a standing-room only crowd in the Lehrman Auditorium about his years of advocacy on the issue. He noted that the global warming debate has shifted over the years, starting with his own conversion from a “believer” into a “skeptic.”

Inhofe recounted anecdotes about the hypocrisy and self-interest of climate change alarmists.

The senator drew laughter when he said that 192 nations were represented at the Copenhagen Summit and they were all united in their dislike of him.

Inhofe also showed a kind of “greatest hits” in media confrontations over the years.

Most notably, he highlighted Maddow’s recent smear of him that suggested his entire opposition to climate change alarmism derived from the Book of Genesis.

Inhofe was scheduled to appear on Maddow’s show March 13, but he was pre-empted because of primary election coverage. Currently, Inhofe is scheduled to appear on the Rachel Maddow Show on March 15.

In an exclusive interview with WND after the event, Inhofe stated that despite the furious reaction from many progressives to The Greatest Hoax, he is beginning to see the Left come around to his position.

Progressives aren’t actually changing their positions, and most climate change alarmists, including Al Gore, flatly refuse to debate him. However, if only for pure political survival, Democrats are beginning to vote against climate change legislation.

While Inhofe has declared victory, he stressed that climate change alarmists are continuing to push a ruinous bureaucratic machine through regulation created by unelected government officials.

While “The Greatest Hoax” has been exposed, the battle may not be over.

Read the details about global warming for yourself, in “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future.”

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