Crossword 139: Under color of law

By John J. Bulten

1. He refused to value the caprice of the putative mother more than the life of the fetus: 2 wds.
8. Single percentage point’s difference
9. What Chuck Norris likes with organic peanut butter and sliced bananas
10. Leftover pesticide found in orange juice imported from Brazil, e.g.
12. To the ___ bred (like a hereditary landlord?)
13. Doctrine allowing use of force against night invaders as per Exodus 22:2
15. Bury Ulysses Simpson (and Julia) Grant, technically
17. Wear the type of expression that our mothers threatened would freeze that way
18. Artwork composed of thickly applied paint
20. Ready, willing or able
21. Herbivore dinosaur and one of the earliest named by taxonomists
23. He upheld “separation of church and state” though it was not in the Constitution: 3 wds., abbr.
2. Trillion-dollar carry-trade currency (i.e., borrowed to invest in better currencies)
3. Relying upon human propulsion, as a naval craft
4. Technological novelty like Facebook employer logging (which can get you fired nowadays)
5. Savage, pitiless, barbarous (in short, like most people)
6. Like “three wise men” at the manger or “all animals two by two” on the ark
7. He upheld “separate but equal” though separation was often anything but equal: 2 wds.
8. He affirmed that “born in a country of parents who were its citizens” means natural-born: 2 wds.
11. Entity whose carcass is alleged to be in the custody of Bigfoot Global, L.L.C.
14. Crested shorebird named for its slow, irregular flapping
16. Like the three-D thneed effects in “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax”
19. In Palin’s terms, the Independent Payment Advisory Board, to death
22. Francois or Jean-Claude Duvalier’s nickname

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