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Gingrich won't quit as 2 states vote today

(GUARDIAN) — Republican outsider Newt Gingrich defiantly vowed to remain in the race for the White House Monday on the eve of two primaries in the Deep South that are potentially a make-or-break moment for him.

Speaking in a packed theatre in Birmingham, a raucous, old-fashioned election event that pitted him against rival Rick Santorum, Gingrich refused to admit that his campaign was close to over and insisted he had staged comebacks before.

In a line that could have been lifted from one of his many military histories, Gingrich, who did not serve in the forces, said: “I will not leave the field.”

Gingrich, with wins so far only in South Carolina and his home state Georgia, needs to emerge with a win in at least one of the two states in contention in the South on Tuesday, Alabama or Mississippi, to keep his hopes alive.