The overwrought response of America’s blacks to the shooting death of one Trayvon Martin has been illuminating, indeed. What it demonstrates is that what passes for black political leadership has absolutely no intention of giving up the race card until the last individual of European descent has disappeared into the multiracial melting pot that is pushed so assiduously upon the American public by the mainstream media. And the media response to their usual histrionics indicates that these intentions are entirely irrelevant.

The fact that George Zimmerman turns out to be Hispanic, or more precisely, mestizo, despite his name, is of no interest to the eternally aggrieved. Nor does the fact that the shooting was clearly, based on the evidence provided by Zimmerman, the sole eyewitness, and the 9-1-1 call, a justified one appear to have slowed down the rush to erroneous judgment by professional racists such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama.

Regardless of whether one celebrates or laments the fact, the United States is no longer a white nation of European descent. Indeed, one can quite reasonably observe that it is no longer even a proper nation, but is rather a mere political entity divided amongst four primary interest groups, white progressives, white traditionalists, blacks and Hispanics. There are other interest groups, of course, but they tend to throw their support to one of the four primary ones as it happens to suit them according to the situation.

The old binary racial model of whites and blacks is now outmoded, as despite what the commercials tell us about the joys of cultural vibrancy, black and white cultures are growing increasingly separate. The primary points of future conflict now appear to be between black and Hispanic culture on the low end and white and Asian culture on the high end. The fact that white proles periodically adopt black fashions or black intellectuals obediently follow the latest progressive academic fads doesn’t erase the observable societal pattern. The concept of separate but equal has been exchanged for superficial and unequal; the ongoing collapse of the housing market has hurt both white interest groups but has wreaked serious devastation on blacks and Hispanics alike.

The alacrity with which the black media class foolishly jumped on the Martin situation reflects both their dim awareness that things have changed and their determination to keep attempting to play by the old rules. But this will not work, and it would not have worked even if George Zimmerman had been a member of the Ku Klux Klan who shot Martin, not because he was being beaten bloody by him, but solely due to the color of Martin’s skin.

The charge of racism has lost its emotive power, because no one under the age of 50 has any recollection of segregation in the American South. And not even years of multiracial propaganda in the guise of education are sufficient to erase the readily observable distinctions in human behavior; excuses based on the assumption of white bias that might have been convincing 50 years ago are no longer operative when the white student of today sees himself being academically surpassed by Asian and Indian students. This is not to say that the charge of racism is entirely impotent, particularly in large organizations ruled by politically correct bureaucracies such as Fortune 500 corporations, state and local governments and universities. But the need to rely on bureaucratic enforcement rather than emotional compulsion itself demonstrates how much has changed in the last five decades.

The skeptical eye with which large swaths of the commentariat, led by the inimitable Drudge Report, are regarding the Martin case is another indication that the state of racial relations have moved on from the civil-rights era. Few whites outside of elite progressive circles feel any sense of guilt or responsibility for the present travails of black America; they have no shortage of their own problems with which to concern themselves.

But that is the customary state of internal imperial politics, as without any coherent nation, without any cohesive national interest, self-interested pursuit of one’s own group interests is the prime objective. Blacks and other minorities have been practicing this principle for decades, and the decline of the white percentage of the population means that it is only a matter of time before whites begin doing so in earnest as well. The binary perspective on United States race relations is dead.

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