Now Rush Limbaugh calls someone ‘jock itch’

By Joe Kovacs

PALM BEACH, Fla. – In the wake of leftist attacks on his radio show and advertisers, radio giant Rush Limbaugh today described those leading the campaign against him in a unique way.

“Media Matters is like jock itch,” Limbaugh declared. “You ever had jock itch?”

“It’s a chafing little rash in there. That’s all they are. That’s as serious as it is. Yeah, just a bunch of little twerps sittin’ around with nothing better to do, trying to occupy themselves.”

Limbaugh was enlightening his listeners who may have thought he had been harmed financially by a campaign promoted by leftists at Media Matters and elsewhere. They have been targeting his advertisers in the wake of national controversy for his calling a Georgetown University law student a “slut” and “prostitute” as she pushed for insurance-covered birth control.

He has since apologized for those remarks, but was serious today when he unloaded on Media Matters.

“They’re just jock itch, folks, pure and simple. [Media Matters chief] David Brock is jock itch, and any of these other people whose names come out are just jock itch. That’s all it is.”

While a handful of national advertisers parted ways with Limbaugh when the controversy was raging, some have already returned, with one “practically begging to come back,” according to Limbaugh.

“There’s a fake boycott,” Limbaugh said. “There’s no advertiser boycott. There’s no consumer boycott going on. There’s something being made to look like it is. It’s as phony and ginned up as the Occupy Wall Street movement is.”

He says after hearing many people personally ask him if he were financially threatened by the situation, he came to the conclusion “a lot of people think this [leftist onslaught] has been profoundly effective, and it hasn’t been. Again, it’s the power of the media to create a picture and image, but we’re fighting back on this.”

Last week, one of Limbaugh’s advertisers, Mark Stevens, appeared on the Fox Business Network to say he was the victim of a coordinated attack simply because he spent money on Limbaugh’s show. Limbaugh named the group as being Media Matters.

“What I’d like to say is that what is not known about this is this is not a boycott,” Stevens told Fox’s Stuart Varney. “That is a polite term for organized terrorist activity that is descending on people, on businesses that are advertising on Rush, and it’s part of the larger war on business in America today.”

Stevens appeared again today on the Fox News Channel with Megyn Kelly, and was asked if his being targeted was a concern to him.

“Absolutely no concern. Let them come,” he said. “Something is going on here that has to be addressed because the country’s at risk. If I can’t advertise where I want to advertise my business because of a small group of people – we can tell because the vast majority of emails are in support of us, Rush, America.”

Out of some 40,000 emails, he said 38,000 were supportive and only 2,000 were against him.

And when he was asked what he planned to do next with Limbaugh’s show, Stevens responded, “Advertise more heavily. Stand my ground. Absolutely not give in in no way; no quarter to those who will intimidate me and my company, and if I can do anything else for others, try to be the bulwark that stands in the way of this terrorist activity because I love the country and it’s got to stop.”

Audio of Rush Limbaugh’s comments can be heard here:

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