Michael Savage

Michael Savage declared that the Obama White House is “the most corrupt administration in history.

“Go back and look up the Teapot Dome Scandal,” Savage told listeners. “When I was a schoolboy, I was taught that that was the worst case of corruption in U.S. history. But it pales by comparison to what goes on under the Obama gang.”

He added that if America had a “real opposition party, I would retire,” but “the Republican Party isn’t doing its job” (FREE audio).

Savage welcomed real estate mogul and Mitt Romney campaign advisor Donald Trump to the show and warned him not to adopt John McCain’s failed strategy of avoiding direct attacks on Obama.

“Mitt Romney speaks in platitudes,” Savage added disapprovingly, “like a kid running for the presidency of a high school class.”

Rush Limbaugh

“I ended up descending to their level.”

Limbaugh started his show on Monday by offering a second apology to the 30-year-old student he called a “slut” last week. However, neither apology appeased those determined to bring Rush down over this “controversy.”

Rush also cleared up rumors about longtime sponsors canceling their ads in the wake of the outcry, insisting that “two of the sponsors who have canceled have asked to return.”

Mark Levin

Mark Levin issued a strong defense of his talk radio rival Rush Limbaugh, castigating the mainstream media for its over the top attacks on El Rushbo:

“This is why we have no respect for you, why your audience and readership are plummeting and will continue to,” Levin said of the mainstream media. “Now we will not let you take down Rush, or anyone else. In fact, I think I speak for tens of millions of Americans when I say: You can go to hell” (FREE audio).

Levin called out leftists for their blatant hypocrisy, as they condemn Rush Limbaugh’s “misogyny” while continuing to support offensive entertainers like Louis C.K. and Bill Maher (FREE audio).

Sean Hannity

Sean was joined by Ben Shapiro and Joel Pollak, editors for Breitbart.com, to pay tribute to their late boss, Andrew Breitbart, and talk about their latest revelations regarding Barack Obama’s radical youth.

“We’ve made it our mission to vet this president,” Shapiro explained. “This is what Andrew wanted, this was his mission.”

Michelle Malkin also came on to tell Hannity about her new website, Twitchy.com, a social media website that aggregates what people are saying all over the web into an easy-to-read format.

“What we’re doing is a Twitter website manned by editors 24/7 to make sure you know what was said by whom on Twitter,” explained Malkin.

Laura Ingraham

Mitt Romney’s advisor Donald Trump talked to Laura about Romney’s win in the Ohio primary. Rick Santorum also came on to talk about the Ohio vote and the similarities between Romneycare and Obamacare.

Laura talked to Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin about how the Republicans fell into the trap of talking about contraception instead of the economy and other more pressing issues (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

On a much lighter note, Glenn Beck engaged in a mock battle with one of his staff over Beck’s supposedly inferior “fashion sense,” with Beck posting an unflattering photo of the staffer sporting a grey hoodie and unkempt beard.

And now, from the left side of the dial …

Do you trust CNN to get their facts right? It may be harder to do after this week, when one CNN talking head accidentally revealed that she has trouble telling “right” from “left.”

As part of its wall-to-wall coverage of the Rush Limbaugh “slut” scandal, the network’s Ashleigh Banfield bemoaned the fact that conservative radio host “Laura Ingram has been called a slut by another conservative, Ed Schultz, on MSNBC” (FREE audio).

Except that Schultz is loudly, unabashedly liberal.

Speaking of the “L-word,” Banfield studiously avoiding reference to any left-leaning pundits and entertainers like Bill Baher or Joy Behar, who’d directed equally offensive, sexually charged insults towards conservative women.

Apparently, networks like CNN gave up on even trying to look informed and objective a long time ago.

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