By Dave Tombers

American Life League, one of the nation’s largest grassroots pro-life organizations, says Planned Parenthood really isn’t in the health business these days, it’s in the sex business.

The organization says the abortion industry giant’s “business model” essentially “is aimed at making money from people who are engaged in sexual activity.” Celebrities such as Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., repeatedly have stumped for more federal tax money for Planned Parenthood.

ALL has produced a video, part of the American Life League Report, that documents Planned Parenthood’s promotion of sex toys, sex contests, sex balloons, sex cupcakes, sex fruit rollups and sex costumes.

The video has been posted in an adult section on YouTube and, while informational for parents and adults, is explicit and should not be accessed by children.

ALL’s opening statement in its report is, “Do not let children watch this episode of the American Life League Report.”

In addition to showing viewers the indoctrination Planned Parenthood is delivering to younger and younger audiences, the report also brings to light internal Planned Parenthood memos dating before the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that show strategies on how to reduce the American population through methods such as “forced abortion” and “fertility control agents” dispersed in the nations water supply.

The video, called “Hooking Kids on Sex,” exposes Planned Parenthood’s decades-long endeavor to push sex on youngsters, much like a drug dealer hooks potential customers on narcotics.

Paul Rondeau, executive director of American Life League, told WND that the “Hooking Kids on Sex” report shows how Planned Parenthood uses tax money to push disturbing sexual behavior on kids, “because it drives future business for them.”

“Those [young girls] are the women who will have abortions,” the organization explains.

It also claims that 51 percent of Planned Parenthood’ 2010 income came from abortions.

Rondeau said the video gathered 200,000-plus views in just four days.

“Any parent that sees the video of Planned Parenthood’s material for school children will be horrified,” ALL said.

The ALL report documents Planned Parenthood videos, websites and curriculum aimed at children as young as 10, including those that encourage kids to have sex and feature cartoon depictions on how to do it.

“Remember when activists alleged that just the fact that Joe Camel was a cartoon character implied kids should smoke, so he was banned?” asked Rondeau.

“Even people who thought they knew better were shocked by how Planned Parenthood promotes sex to youngsters,” he said

The report begins with images of sex toys and graphics that the host identifies as being pushed by Planned Parenthood’s “community activities.” The narrator then declares, “But what’s truly shocking, is how these perverts are allowed unfettered access to our children while raking in government cash to sell them unrestrained sex.”

The “why” isn’t complicated, the report says.

“Just as the goal of a drug dealer is to make drug addicts, Planned Parenthood’s goal is to make sex addicts.”

The host then wonders if Planned Parenthood is looking for future abortion and contraceptive customers.

Among the campaigns attributed to Planned Parenthood is a book pushed on a website for young readers titled “It’s Perfectly Normal,” which contains cartoon depictions of naked boys and girls, images of masturbation and cartoons of people engaged in sex.

“If a dirty old man showed this book to kids in a park, he’d be arrested,” said the host. “Why does Planned Parenthood, a taxpayer-funded organization, get to distribute these books to our children and get more government money?”

A statement on Planned Parenthood’s teen website, for example, encourages kids to seek arousal through breasts: “They are basically ‘freebies,’ since you can’t get pregnant or catch sexually transmitted infection by going to ‘second base,'” the statement said.

Other body parts are described in great detail on the website, including many declarations about “pleasure” and “feeling good,” as well as detailed instructions on engaging in homosexual acts.

The ALL report also portrays a memo apparently written in 1969 by then-Vice President of Planned Parenthood-World Population Frederick S. Jaffe. It was to Bernard Berelson of the population council, which highlighted proposed endeavors to reduce U. S. fertility through organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the U. S. government.

“As shown in this memo from 1969, Planned Parenthood’s national goal is to restructure the family and encourage increased homosexuality as a sick form of population control,” explains the video.

The memo contains a table under the heading “Examples of Proposed Measures to Reduce U. S. Fertility” that contains subheadings such as “Restructure Family,” followed by means to achieve the goal, such as “Postpone or avoid marriage” and “Alter image of ideal family size.”

The memo then suggests other ways to help achieve a “restructured family” such as “Compulsory education of children,” “Encourage increased homosexuality,” “Educate for family limitation,” “Fertility control agents in water supply” and “Encourage women to work.”

Then the 1969 Planned Parenthood memo suggests even more radical measures such as “Discouraging private home ownership,” “Additional taxes on parents with 1 or 2 children in school,” “Compulsory abortions for out-of-wedlock pregnancies” and “Require women to work and provide few child care facilities.”

ALL told WND that the report not only shows parents the disturbing methods Planned Parenthood uses to reach America’s young children, such as through cartoons and games, but also through the hosting of “no-pants” sex parties.

According to ALL, the video report had to be replaced by nearly the same video this week after a former Planned Parenthood intern and abortion escort apparently complained to Youtube about a copyright violation.

Youtube replaced the “white hot” video with this message, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Jessica Faerman.”

ALL maintains that there were no copyright issues with the video but has modified it slightly and re-posted it as “Hooking Kids on Sex II.”

It also has been made available online at other sites, including, to ensure no further disruptions to the message.

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