WASHINGTON – Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio reopened a political can of worms yesterday by presenting evidence from the first-ever, law-enforcement investigation of Barack Obama’s claim to constitutional eligibility.

Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse affirmed the findings of an earlier investigation that prompted Obama to release what he claimed was his original, long-form birth certificate.

WND senior staff writer Jerome Corsi and other WND staffers had found strong evidence the document was a fake. But, after years of stalling on the release of the document, the rest of the media were only too happy to accept the release at face value.

Until yesterday.

You can view a recording of the entire press conference at WND. But, for those more curious about the details, maybe it’s time to look at Corsi’s “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” and “Where’s the Real Birth Certificate?” – a hardcover bestseller and its e-book followup companion, bundled at one bargain price.

“It’s been an amazing journey unraveling this story against all odds,” said Joseph Farah, founder of WND and WND Books, which published both the best-selling hardcover and the e-book followup. “Most all the details of the fraudulent birth certificate are in these books. Arpaio’s team has done an amazing public service corroborating what Corsi and the WND team found long ago against all odds.”

On the morning of April 27, the White House posted on its website a document purporting to be a scan of the original 1961 Obama birth certificate obtained from the vault records of the Hawaii Department of Health.

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If you already have the hardcover and just want the e-book update, it’s available for just $7.99 as an instant e-book download.

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