On March 27, Kirk Cameron’s new film “Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure,” opens in 550 theaters nationwide for a one-night screening he hopes will move Americans to defend their nation against tyranny.

Cameron has been doing interviews to promote “Monumental,” but CNN’s Piers Morgan turned his March 2 appearance into a trial on “gay marriage” and abortion.

Did Morgan, knowing full-well that Cameron was promoting the movie, allow the filmmaker to discuss his new historical documentary?

Cameron told WND: “No, he didn’t. I even asked him between segments on a commercial break if he would please have the courtesy to let me share a little bit about the film and he did not.”

Cameron answered questions in keeping with Christianity, yet Morgan accused him of inflammatory remarks and bigotry. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation attempted to frame Cameron as an out-of-date former teen idol and “anti-gay extremist.”

But in fact, Cameron judged no persons. In fact, he spoke his beliefs about the consequences of particular acts – behavior. Furthermore, he was more delicate than St. Paul the apostle.

See and hear Cameron for yourself. Here’s the CNN clip of him discussing marriage with Morgan’

Ironically or providentially, Morgan’s anti-Christian campaign against Cameron justifies “Monumental.”

In the film, Cameron traces the suffrage of the Puritans, who were persecuted like Catholics, by British King James I. As most Americans know, eventually some Puritans braved the Atlantic Ocean and fled to America. Those who survived the brutal sea voyage then had to brave other hardships in their new country.

Cameron’s movie title comes from a little-known monument commissioned by the U.S. government, which says: “National Monument to the Forefathers. Erected by a grateful people in remembrance of their labors, sacrifices and sufferings for the cause of civil and religious liberty.”

The “Monumental” trailer:

Cameron’s film also opens on the second day of Supreme Court hearings about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed into law by Barack Obama. Numerous plaintiffs, including 26 states, will argue the law is unconstitutional. Some, such as Liberty University, believe the law violates their First Amendment rights to good conscience and religious liberty.

Under Obama’s law, in January 2012 Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius ordered houses of worship to provide employee health insurance policies that cover abortion-causing drugs in violation of their religious beliefs. Religious leaders formally protested by the thousands and in February Obama ordered a so-called compromise that would have all health insurance companies provide the deadly drugs “free of charge” to the effect that no one escapes his provisions or penalties if they don’t comply.

Since then, more cases arguing violations of First Amendment religious freedom have been filed against the U.S. government in lower courts, including a lawsuit by the seven states of Nebraska, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas.

Cameron didn’t time his movie release for the Supreme Court hearings, so WND asked the Christian filmmaker if he thought the date came about due to God’s providence.

“Ultimately, I think that everything is providential but clearly this is very, very interesting to see that these cases are being heard at the same time that this movie comes out,” he answered. “I think it can only help to bring awareness to the subject that our country’s headed down a road that is very scary and if we don’t wake up and get involved and pay attention to what’s going on, and follow the recipe that our forefathers – the men and women who built this country – left for us, there are laws of cause and effect in place.”

To that end, Cameron opens “Monumental” by saying: “There is something seriously sick in the soul of our country. If you leave a nation long enough, history tells us that eventually there will rise up some kind of tyrant, some kind of leader, who will enslave his people.

“Why would America be any different?” he asks.

“And to top it off,” he continues, “I have friends in church that tell me that ‘the worse things get, the better it really is because it means that the end is near and that Jesus is returning.'”

However, the father of six rejects “self-fulfilling prophecy” and despair.

Cameron told WND, “It’s one of the issues that I want people to wrestle through in the film. It’s one of the questions I’m hoping lands right square in the center of the dinner table after people see this movie. And that question is: ‘Wait a minute. Do we really believe that the worse things get we should actually be happy about that because things have to get worse and fall apart and collapse culturally before Jesus returns?

“And if that’s the case, then I guess we shouldn’t try and turn it around.

“Or do we have an attitude that the church historically has had, and particularly the [Puritan] pilgrims, which was ‘No. No. No. To the extent that we follow God’s principles and His commands in scripture, we can expect protection and blessing and a future for our children.'”

“More than anything,” said Cameron, “I want people to come out and see it. This isn’t a Brussels sprouts and broccoli documentary. I really tried to make this an exciting adventure that you could bring your teenage kids to and they’d get a history lesson, learn so much about the founding of our country and not fall asleep.

“I’m hoping that people will get a sense of excitement to walk in their shoes, so-to-speak, and feel they understand who our heroes were.”

What, then, is America’s national treasure? In Cameron’s eyes, it’s her people.

On March 27, “Monumental” premiers in movie theaters nationwide at 7:30 PM ET, 6:30 PM CT, 5:30 PM MT and 8 PM PT – and tickets are available online.

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