This was the day the media died – officially.

The most well-read news story anywhere got no mention on Fox News, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, the New York Times or any other so-called “mainstream” news outlet – a laughable adjective.

The story wasn’t overlooked. It was deliberately spiked. The media knew it was coming. They didn’t want any part of it.

But it gets worse.

Big time talk-radio was tipped off on the story, as well – in advance. They didn’t bite, either. Too hot.

Thank God for Matt Drudge – who placed it at the top of his page. That’s how millions got the first-person, eyewitness evidence that Barack Obama was helped through Harvard by the family of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers back in the late 1980s. You remember him – just a guy from the neighborhood, Obama told us in 2008.

It may seem like hopelessly bad news that the U.S. media – even much of the so-called “alternative” media – are so tightly controlled. But it’s not. The good news is that a story like this can still be read and seen by millions despite the control. It can still be bigger than any of the pap being dished out by so-called “news organizations,” which are sometimes no more than gatekeepers guarding their own narrow special interests.

So, today, we saw compelling evidence that the combined might and power of the Old Media is not what it once was. The truth can still get out despite their desire to kill it at all costs.

It gets even crazier among the George Soros-backed censors and blacklisters like Media Matters and the Democratic Underground.

As the Ayers story quickly and unexpectedly became the hottest story of the day, the latter pleaded with Mitt Romney to denounce Matt Drudge for promoting “birtherism.”

Media Matters also took a swipe at Drudge for linking the story about the mailman. It didn’t ask for help from Mitt Romney.

But at least those Obama-can-do-no-wrong outlets mentioned the Ayers story. That’s more than the lamestream media did.





It’s not that they didn’t know about it. Some of them knew in advance. They took a powder.

Why didn’t they touch it?

We have more insight than ever before.

It’s not that the facts aren’t compelling. It’s not that the story is not of interest. It’s not that the story is not being talked about at water coolers across America.

So what is it?

Very simple. This isn’t just your average Bill Ayers story. This one touches on a raw nerve for the media. It touches on the increasing possibility that Obama is not really constitutionally eligible for the presidency after all – a story pooh-poohed by virtually everyone in the media establishment for the last four years.

Nobody in the media wants to see that story turn out to be real after all. No one in the media wants to see that story turn into the biggest cover-up in American political history. No one in the media wants to be perceived as part of that cover-up.

So the cover-up continues – with more players every day.

But at the end of the day, Americans don’t believe the gatekeepers.

Every poll shows the same thing – half the country suspects Obama has been lying, deceiving and conducting this cover-up all along – with the media serving as his willing accomplices.

A few weeks ago, the media, in lockstep, ignored the first report by the first law-enforcement investigation into the eligibility issue.

But the word got out thanks to a live-stream provided by WND. A record number watched it – the biggest live-stream audience in history for a news event.

Today, a new wrinkle in this saga became known to millions thanks to the New Media.

We’re watching the Big Media implode like the old Soviet Union – becoming less relevant by the day.

They are collectively closing their eyes to the truth and to the news in a desperate bid for self-preservation. But the more they play this game, the less they deserve to survive.

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