Townhall yanks column on Arpaio’s findings

By Drew Zahn

A popular column on – the self-described “leading conservative and political opinion website” – discussing Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as president has unexplainably disappeared.

Earlier today, the column “Sheriff Joe Exposes Forgery of Obama’s Selective Service Registration” by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown of The Western Center For Journalism was’s most emailed and eighth most read column.

But then … it was gone.

Even after WND alerted’s managing editor that the column had been deleted from its site, it remained listed as “cannot be found.” And despite multiple contacts with the site’s editorial staff, no one at would explain to WND why the column was removed.

A Google cache, meanwhile, still displays the Browns’ original column.

Floyd Brown is a regular columnist on, with multiple columns in the site’s archive listed for every month since 2008.

“I hope that it’s not the result of any type of intentional censorship; that would be my sincere hope,” Brown told WND of the removal of his column. “The article is obviously being well received and highly read and highly emailed by the Townhall audience, so why they would want to keep people from seeing it – that would really shock me.”

Still, Brown told WND, if it were intentional, it wouldn’t be the first time even “conservative” media has tried to sweep the story under the rug.

“I have seen conservative media be almost more diligent in censoring on the issue of Barack Obama’s eligibility,” Brown said. “Even though they criticize it on one hand, they all have a desire to be loved by mainstream media.”

Screenshot of's most read columns, with Brown column at No. 8
Screenshot of's most emailed columns, with Brown column at No.1
Screen shot of's page for Brown's column

Yet Brown insisted his column wasn’t even about the controversial birth certificate investigation, but about news regarding Obama’s Selective Service documents.

As WND reported, an investigative “Cold Case Posse” launched six months ago by Arpaio concluded there is probable cause not only that the document released by the White House last year as Obama’s birth certificate is a computer-generated forgery, but also that the president’s Selective Service registration card “is highly suspect.”


A video explaining the posse’s investigation of the Selective Service card can be seen below:

“We found the most interesting information presented to have nothing to do with the Obama nativity story,” the Browns write in their vanished column, which nonetheless can be read on The Western Center for Journalism site. “Instead it had to do with the Selective Service records. Forensic document analysis proved this document was also a forgery. Intensive documentation proving that Postal indicia on the form was forged was particularly damaging, as this type of postal fraud is a federal felony.

“In the days ahead, it will be interesting to see if the mainstream media provides any coverage of the event’s allegations,” the Browns continue. “Sitting in the room we were overwhelmed by the professionalism of these sworn officers of the law. They clearly used the best experts in their investigation. Finally a legitimate law enforcement official has looked at the evidence and found, as Arpaio said, ‘probable cause that a felony has been committed.'”

The Browns also write that they agree with Arpaio’s claim that the mainstream media has been more interested in ridiculing the story than covering it.

“Having just attended Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s ‘Cold Case Posse’ news conference in Phoenix, Arizona,” the Browns write, “we candidly admit we have never seen a greater example of raw media bias in our 30 years of watching the fourth estate.”

They conclude, “Citizens are still daring to ask questions about Obama. And by doing it you face certain ridicule, name calling and being treated as children. Even when you may be asking legitimate questions, which have been routinely asked of presidential candidates in the past or have been asked of Republican candidates this year, you are censured.”

But whether the Browns merely face “censure” or “censor” for their column remains to be seen.

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