Why Obama’s radicalism matters

By Erik Rush

Last week I had the honor and extreme pleasure of publicly conveying two messages that merit deep consideration as well as repetition. On Friday, March 9, I appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” television program to discuss a videotape recently released by the late Andrew Breitbart’s organization. The video, recorded in 1991 at Harvard University, featured one Barack Obama (then a student at Harvard) strongly endorsing the notoriously radical professor Derrick Bell.

The focus of the “Hannity” segment was that of underscoring our president’s history of radicalism. While the video has been downplayed (to put it mildly) by the establishment press, it remains important not only because it explains the motivation behind Obama’s policies, but because to this day, very few Americans possess even an inkling of how radical Obama actually is. This is the first message that I was able to participate in delivering.

One might expect the left-wing press to brush off such revelations; in fact, their ability to pooh-pooh increasingly shocking disclosures about Obama, his policies and the state of his presidency has become almost comical. What surprises is that some prominent conservatives don’t seem to think that disclosures concerning Obama’s history or political philosophy matter much anymore. Either that, or they simply don’t comprehend the contextual relevance.

Derrick Bell was a radical Marxist and racist with whom Barack Obama maintained a close relationship until the former’s death just last year. Concerning other questionable associates, from the racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright to domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, Obama has minimized these relationships, as well as their depth and length. With the release of the Breitbart video, we have Obama personally advancing a radical and his teachings, and a verifiable, long-term connection.

While the Breitbart video did shed light on Obama’s history of fomenting racial tension, it is even more evidently a confirmation of the president’s long-established radical roots. These certainly relate to where America is right now and portend an ongoing impact on Americans and what Obama’s re-election would truly represent.

According to his own narrative, Barack Obama was bred by communists, raised by communists, mentored by communists and was employed by communists. By his admission, he sought out communists as preferred parties with whom to fraternize. Obama’s radical Marxism is at the very core of why he does what he does, why he will continue to do so and why America remains in dire peril with every day he occupies the White House.

Everything Obama has actualized or attempted – from his exploitation of high health-care costs to surreptitiously compromising the Constitution, to his desperation to regulate the Internet and any other means of public address into which he might conceivably insinuate government’s putrid tentacles, to his proclivity for religious persecution, to his spending us into destitution – have their roots in Marxist doctrine.

This effectively means that we have a president who subscribes to one of history’s most evil political doctrines, one that has impoverished, enslaved and killed more people in modern times than any other. That is something of which I suspect the American electorate might like to be aware.

So, as odious as everything about communism is, historically speaking, why is it scarcely worth reporting? Well, the second point I was fortunate enough to get across on Hannity’s show is also the reason that some desensitized fools in the conservative community don’t see fit to address Obama’s closeted Marxism: It’s because the political left has, in a very large measure, succeeded in legitimizing radical socialist and communist thought in America.

During the course of the discussion of Obama’s ideology vis-à-vis racial politics, I contended that the aforementioned viewpoint is no longer acceptable. Marxism, as an ideology antithetical to everything American, which breeds criminality and suffering, cannot be tolerated. This once-conventional wisdom has been turned on its head, not surprisingly by communists and liberals in politics, media and education.

And we can see where allowing this has gotten us.

Once upon a time in America, segregationists were free to promote segregationism publicly, even in the press. Now, any who still believe as such would be extremely reluctant to espouse their beliefs in public, assuming anyone would even give them a forum to do so.

This is the trash heap of history upon which Americans must now cast radical socialist and communist thought. While we have been convinced that their adherents have as much right to speak their minds as anyone else, they do not. This argument might also have been made pertaining to segregationism, and it wouldn’t have held up, because there are certain things that one cannot say in an ordered, civilized society. To the leftists who would queue up in protest against this notion of selective censorship, I would point out that this is precisely what they are attempting to do, though they lack a moral basis for same.

I have been encouraged lately, because – much to the panicked consternation of the left – an increasing number of Americans are recognizing that Obama, this political messiah, is not only a false one, but a malignant one. The galvanization of those who are beginning to understand reflects the primal indignation of those who truly see their lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness threatened – and they don’t like it.

When enough of them come to the conclusion that this serpent is nothing more than the point man for a cabal of mediocre radicals and deviants who wish to determine the fate of all 300 million of us for no other reason than that they’re sufficiently base-natured and narcissistic to desire this (in other words, typical Marxists) Obama will be done for, at least as far as public opinion goes.

What he’ll do at that point is what we need to beware. I’d wager he has already prepared for it.

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