The latest activity by Wikileaks dumped some 5 million emails and documents hacked from the database of Stratfor Intelligence. The emails reveal Democrats’ effort to steal the 2008 election.

Shocking revelations from a Wikileaks document dump show the Democrat Party committed a felony when it stuffed ballot boxes in Ohio and Philadelphia during the 2008 presidential election.

A memo further revealed that the so-called “Reverend” Jesse Jackson was paid a handsome figure to keep his mouth shut about candidate Obama, a man for whom he had little regard.

The same internal memo revealed that Obama’s campaign was taking Russian money surreptitiously. The memo:

From: Fred Burton [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Friday, November 07, 2008 7:41 AM
To: se[email protected]
Subject: Insight – The Dems & Dirty Tricks ** Internal Use Only – Pls Do
Not Forward **
** Internal Use Only – Pls Do Not Forward **

1) The black Dems were caught stuffing the ballot boxes in Philly and Ohio as reported the night of the election and Sen. McCain chose not to fight. The matter is not dead inside the party. It now becomes a matter of sequence now as to how and when to “out”.

2) It appears the Dems “made a donation” to Rev. Jesse (no, they would never do that!) to keep his yap shut after his diatribe about the Jews and Israel. A little bird told me it was a “nice six-figure donation”. This also becomes a matter of how and when to out.

3) The hunt is on for the sleezy Russian money into O-mans coffers. A smoking gun has already been found. Will get more on this when the time is right. My source was too giddy to continue. Can you say Clinton and ChiCom funny money? This also becomes a matter of how and when to out.

Wikileaks last week began disclosing the emails obtained by WikiLeaks and hacktivist group Anonymous that expose the dirty dealings and election tampering done by Democratic Party operatives and the Obama campaign.

Stratfor, under the leadership of founder and Chief Executive George Friedman, counts Fortune 500 corporations and federal government agencies and the military among its subscribers. In a statement, Stratfor said it had built “good sources” in many countries, “as any publisher of global geopolitical analysis would do.”

In a published report, a second Wikileaks email indicated that 2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain decided not to pursue legal action against the Democrats for engaging in voter fraud, believing that to do so would have thrown the country into civil unrest, and thus let the matter drop.

Emails between Stratfor staffers indicate that McCain’s actions were viewed as baffling, to say the least.

In other related news, the man believed to have provided much information to Wikileaks, Bradley Manning, was suggested to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

DHS’ Big Sis tracking keywords on Twitter, Facebook

If you thought this was 2012, guess again. It’s 1984, the Orwellian year of Big Brother. Er … make that Big Sis.

An internal document released by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, or EPIC, a private advocacy group, says a Department of Homeland Security contractor is searching social sites like Facebook and Twitter for an ever-changing list of keywords. We mentioned this in our Feb. 13, 2012 installment of Surfin’ Safari, “Doomsday clock ticking on Internet freedom.”

Early in 2010, the DHS awarded General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems a contract worth $11.3 million

Karma? Is that one of the words Big Sis is tracking?

Obama updates to Facebook’s Timeline

How cute! President Barack Obama’s new Facebook Timeline page includes a post for Aug. 4, 1961, which reads “Made in the USA” and features a coffee mug with Obama’s birth certificate. That Obama, such a sense of humor!

Here’s what one GOP presidential candidate uploaded for his Timeline banner.

And for regular users, here are five ways to modify your FB Timeline to enhance and protect your entries.

Do social ads really work? Find out here

How often do you pay attention to those pop-up ads that consume the page you’re on? Or creep up from the bottom of the page and demand your attention? That’s the million dollar (literally) question Twitter and Facebook are asking: do ads inserted into social activity actually work? Find out what they’re learning about those little pop-ups that keep content coming to you for free.

A study by Nielsen shows that Europeans are more responsive to mobile ads than Americans are.

iPad 3 unveiling March 7 – marketplace flooded with rumors

Apple is unveiling the iPad 3 this Wednesday, March 7, in San Francisco amid rumors of what the next generation of the hugely successful iPad will include. Everything from HD (high resolution) to 4G LTE, Siri, processor performance, and screen quality. This site will keep you updated as more information about the newest iPad becomes available.

Word is that iPad3 pricing will be the same as the current iPad 2 models – from $499 to $829.

You’re invited to the unveiling.

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