(WASHINGTON TIMES) You can laugh at nutty right-wingers who home-school their kids because they don’t want them to learn about evolution; you can sneer at dirty hippies who unschool their kids at home because they can’t be tied to the Man’s curriculum, man. Laugh and sneer all you want, but those home-schooled and unschooled kids are not being hounded to death — literally, in a case documented on-screen in “Bully” — by their peers.

I have an 8-year-old child, and I can say that watching this documentary about bullying in schools was more viscerally disturbing than sitting through almost any horror movie I can think of.

Horror movies generally try to scare you with hyperbolic blood and guts, or at least with the intimation of larger-than-life evil. “Bully,” on the other hand, is stomach-churning because it’s so cravenly insignificant.

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