WASHINGTON — The Secret Service and Ted Nugent have reached a peace accord over the rock star’s comments regarding Barack Obama, after he told WND that during his tough talk at an NRA event about the 2012 political race he “did not threaten anyone’s life, or hint at violence or mayhem.”

Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary said in a report in Washington the agency “does not anticipate any further action” because the “issue has been resolved.”

Secret Service agents met today with Nugent about his comments at the National Rifle Association convention, where he rocked America with his talk about politics, the nation and its leaders.

In a written statement to WND, Nugent described his experience at the NRA.

“If all of America was just like the great families at the NRA 141st Annual Members meeting in St. Louis last weekend, our country could be flawless,” he said. “Surrounded by my family, friends, patriots, law enforcement and military heroes, veterans who have sacrificed dearly for freedom and the U.S. Constitution, the goodwill and positive energy in the air was cleansing to say the least. We set another attendance record for the NRA and for St. Louis. It was downright perfect.”

But it was Nugent’s fiery comments that captured the attention of the country.

“I named names,” he said. “I called out Eric Holder for his fast and furious and other offenses. I railed against out president for his engineered dismantling of the once greatest economy in the world. I reminded everyone how Hillary Clinton sides with the evil criminals of the U.N. instead of her own great nation. I reminded good Americans that it isn’t the enemies’ fault for sneaking into the White House and abusing power, but rather we the people for bending over and allowing them to take corruption to a horrible new level.”

Read Ted Nugent’s full statement to WND.

Nugent said that beyond all that was good about the NRA, “the real duty of we the people is to watch out for and fight against the bad and the ugly brought about by people of power that historically have always abused it.”

“I begged everyone to register and vote, because warriors give up their lives so that we can,” he said. “I spotlighted cockroaches and rallied those who care to stomp ’em out at the voting booth in November, as is my duty as an American. I passionately rallied the America civilian troops to stand up for what is right and to demand that the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are once again forced into determining all laws and policies in America.”

He concluded: “By no stretch of the imagination did I threaten anyone’s life, or hint at violence or mayhem. Metaphors needn’t be explained to educated people.”

The star, best known musically for his hit “Cat Scratch Fever,” sparked an uproar on the political left after addressing the National Rifle Association in St. Louis over the weekend. He told the NRA “if Barack Obama becomes the president in November, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

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Nugent said there was a reason for his speech.

“Unarmed helplessness is for sheep and the French. Such an embarrassing, irresponsible, crime inducing condition is inexcusable,” he said.

“My speech, like every year at NRA, was about the unlimited greatness of this sacred experiment in self-government, thanking the heroes of the U.S. military and law enforcement for their incredible sacrifices waging war against the enemies of freedom wherever it may slither.

“But beyond all that is good, the real duty of we the people is to watch out for and fight against the bad and the ugly brought about by people of power that historically have always abused it,” he said.

Nugent later told radio host Dana Loesch. “Guess who was with me here at the NRA … Heroes of the Secret Service and the FBI and the ATF and the federal marshals – law-enforcement and military heroes from every imaginable agency who believe in the Second Amendment and the First Amendment, and I’m using both of ’em.”

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The 1970s guitarist who has since become a champion for American gun rights says he’s very friendly with members of the Secret Service in particular.

“The Secret Service are my buddies,” Nugent told Loesch.

“They work for me. I pay their salaries, and I mean that seriously. But also, I train with the Secret Service. I conduct federal marshal raids here in Texas. So I rely on these heroes of the federal agencies to save my life during these raids on fugitive felons. I know a lot of people don’t know that, but I’m very active in law enforcement. So when you say Secret Service, all I can do is get a big grin on my face and realize that we’ll either be shooting some taxpayer ammo at targets or we’ll be eating barbecue.”

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz had ripped Nugent’s comments, saying, “Mitt Romney surrogate Ted Nugent made offensive comments about President Obama and November’s elections this weekend that are despicable, deplorable and completely beyond the pale.”

Nugent’s response? She’s a “brain-dead, soulless, heartless idiot,” and her remarks merely encouraged him to stand stronger.

“This is the Saul Alinsky ‘Rules for Radicals’ playbook,” Nugent said. “The Nazis and the Klan hate me. See, I’m a black Jew at a Nazi-Klan rally, and there are some power-abusing corrupt monsters in our federal government that despise me because I have the audacity to speak the truth to identify the violations of our government, particularly Eric Holder and the president and Tim Geithner, ad nauseam. And I spoke at the NRA and I will stand by my speech. It was 100 percent positive.

“It’s about ‘We the People’ taking back our American dream from the corrupt monsters in the federal government under this administration and the communist czars he’s appointed. And if anybody has a problem with that, call 1-800-NUMBNUT and [leftist filmmaker] Michael Moore will try to explain it to you as he searches for soap.”

Audio of Nugent on Dana Loesch’s radio show can heard here:

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