Civil unrest: Liberals most at risk

By Erik Rush

This week, President Obama toured select U.S. colleges touting a need for new student loan programs and extensions for low interest on student loans, as he accused congressional Republicans of wanting to raise student loan interest rates. The latter isn’t true, of course, but I suppose this goes hand-in-hand with the GOP’s desire to pollute air and water, let educationally at-risk children flounder and consign the elderly to a diet of Little Friskies. The campus stops, like so many of the president’s excursions, were sold as “official business.”

This “business” – which many commentators called campaign stops – was thus about as “official” as Sasha and Malia Obama were “senior staffers” on the first lady’s half-million-dollar jaunt to Africa last year. The abject fraudulence of these designations (made by Michelle Obama), as well as it calling child-labor laws into question, is of little concern to the administration.

But all this is par for the course; we know that the Obamas are corrupt, and we know that their arrogance, narcissism, hatred of America and ethnocentricity insists that they are deserving of every taxpayer dollar they squander.

What’s more important about the campus tour is that it is recognized as part of Obama’s strategy of provoking dissatisfaction and discord amongst a component of his base. While it is undeniable that the cost of higher education has become overly burdensome, once again, this has been in part by design, as was the rise in health-care costs: in order to cultivate an atmosphere in which carefully manipulated consumers would accept – or even demand – a government fix.

Obama’s provoking of dissatisfaction has already worked fairly well; although, to be fair, he has had a lot of help. His simpatico for George Zimmerman’s detractors (would-be assassins, really) relating to the Trayvon Martin shooting contributed to an increase in black-on-white crime. Most recently, a mob of approximately 20 blacks beat their white neighbor Matthew Owens nearly to death in Alabama. The violent overtones of the Occupy movement have definitely increased, as well as their activity in general, and – guess what – Occupy leaders have also begun to leverage the Trayvon Martin shooting to mobilize their followers against “the man.”

The common denominator between these factions of the base (college students and blacks, in this instance) is that they are among the most easily manipulated. The brainwashing of blacks is probably Democrats’ single most successful achievement, and college students – well, they’re a captive audience for largely socialist professors.

It is fortunate that conservatives have cyberspace in which to communicate; I shudder to think of the current circumstances if we did not. The knife cuts both ways, however, and activity on the left would be comical if it did not have such harmful potential. It would be difficult to believe if not seen for oneself. Militant homosexual bloggers have been harassing Christian conservatives on social media sites for a few years now, even stalking folks and petitioning employers to fire certain individuals. Now, they are beginning to rile the base with fraudulent accusations of secret social media groups that are dedicated to everything from the opposition of gay unions to murdering homosexuals.

Sadly, the percentage of people who see these things for what they are – textbook Marxist agitating – are probably few and far between.

What’s ironic is that these dark, right-wing conspiracies – race, homosexual and economic oppression, as well as others – are as phony as the Marxist variety are real. Through all of this, Obama and his surrogates continue to pretend he’s just another Democratic president trying to accomplish the things to which he gives lip service. It has truly become as surreal as an episode of “The Twilight Zone.” Obama isn’t piloting our economy down the proverbial swirly, subverting the Constitution, substantially eroding our civil liberties, emboldening our enemies, empowering Islamofascists, compromising our sovereignty, fomenting racial tension, or setting the stage for a totalitarian state, despite everything he has done being indicative of these things.

And the press? As far as the press is concerned, the mere mention of these things is simply “Obama paranoia.” The last hundred years of communist longing, preparation and subversion, the confluence of communists in government with the rapid infusion of Marxist policy into our government, the installation of an inscrutable Marxist prince in the White House – all of this is merely coincidence.

Another irony: Should civil unrest break out over economic or social factors (or both), your rank-and-file liberals will likely be hit harder than most. Think about it. These are people who will have done nothing to prepare for such a scenario; either they don’t believe it can happen, or they assume the government will step in and “take care” of them if it does. Should their children want for food and no one provides any, they’ll perceive themselves entitled to take it from someone else. This will add to the mayhem, of course, but it will serve the government’s purposes quite well.

Many liberals live in major cities. Should full-scale chaos erupt, these will be the absolute worst places to find oneself. During Hurricane Katrina, the police cleared out of much of New Orleans for fear of heavily armed gangs. I suppose that liberal dads will be able to sell off their daughters to gangs for protection should things get too desperate.

But then, we did warn them …

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