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Tom Ballantyne has already had one elected Republican tell him questions about Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president are irrelevant, but that isn’t going to stop him from asking Party people when someone – anyone – is going to take action.

At a recent meeting of one the nation’s largest Republican clubs, SaddleBrooke Republican Club of Saddlebrooke, Ariz., Ballantyne pulled aside Director of Programs Jeannette Berczi to ask her where she weighs in on the controversy even many opponents of Obama’s politics are trying to dodge.

“At the present time, we’re not going to be rewriting history,” Berczi responded. “[Obama] is not going to be thrown out based on this issue.”

Join thousands of Americans today in insisting our elected leaders demand constitutional integrity and investigate Obama’s eligibility now.

Ballantyne then cited an investigation by Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse that concluded there is probable cause to believe Obama presented an altered long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration card as “proof” of his eligibility.

“Already we know that the birth certificate is in fact a forgery, the Selective Service registration is a forgery, we haven’t gotten a Social Security number that we can verify is accepted,” Ballantyne pressed, “how much more evidence do we need?”

“We have a Republican-dominated state legislature who is completely AWOL on this issue,” he continued. “Do you believe that the Republican Congress should investigate the president?”

“That’s a question I’m not going to answer,” she responded.

Ballantyne also asked Republican state Sen. Al Melvin about the issue, and expressed disappointment that the senator was not more “on top of” the question of eligibility.

As WND reported, Ballantyne also stood at a meeting of the Red Mountain Tea Party to ask similar questions of guest speaker Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz.

“I think [Obama] is our president. I think he was duly elected, and I believe he is a citizen. And I do believe [the eligibility question] is a distraction,” Flake responded. “My job is to make sure we beat him in November.”

Not content to let the matter lie until November, Ballantyne asked the assembly, “How many here would like to see Congress investigate the president? Please stand up.”

A hidden video camera revealed many, if not the majority, of the participants stood up to signify their demand.

Video of Ballantyne’s confrontation with Flake can be seen below:

Spurred by the findings of Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, nearly 40,000 people have signed on to a petition representing a last-ditch effort to clear the air on Obama’s legitimacy before the November election.

Sign the petition now to show members of Congress just how many Americans demand constitutional integrity.

“Can you believe Obama is still playing games with his identity six months before the next presidential election?” asks Joseph Farah, chief executive officer and editor of WND. “As I have long predicted, no court in America is going to take this hot potato of a case. It is the sworn duty of Congress to uphold the Constitution and hold the executive branch accountable to the people. It’s time to turn up the heat on the timid, fearful Republicans and the see-no-evil Democrats.”

Arpaio himself, whose office has conducted the only law enforcement investigation of the questions surrounding Obama’s birth documents and eligibility questions, has asked for assistance from Congress. But, so far, his requests have fallen on deaf ears.

Arpaio recently told WABC radio host and WND senior staff reporter Aaron Klein that the media and politicians alike are afraid to touch the issue.

“Why didn’t someone investigate this? I mean, where is everybody?” Arpaio asked Klein. “How come the federal agencies aren’t investigating? We’re dealing with federal issues here. So everybody’s hiding, and they’re still hiding.”

In a recent commentary, WND CEO Joseph Farah challenged everyday Americans to follow Ballantyne’s example and get their elected representatives on tape.

“I’d like to suggest a way that every single, politically conscious U.S. citizen can engage in the pursuit of truth prior to Election Day,” Farah writes. “I would suggest citizens attending such meetings follow Ballantyne’s lead and get very, very specific in their questioning of presidential candidates, Senate candidates and candidates for the House of Representatives. The key is to evoke something more than the scripted and ‘safe’ answers from the politicians.”

He suggests people ask, “Do you believe Obama is a ‘natural born citizen,’ not merely a U.S. citizen, but a ‘natural born citizen’?”

“I can pledge that any video or audio recordings of such questions and answers will be posted forthwith at WND,” Farah writes. “Just send them directly to me.”

Another video created by Ballantyne is of Clair Van Steenwyk, a tea party candidate for the U.S. Senate in Arizona.

“Our so-called leader never really proved he is a citizen,” Van Steenwyk said.

“I’d like to have seen Congress investigate it, everybody there doing their job.”

Read the preliminary findings of Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse investigation after six months investigating Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president in “A Question of Eligibility,” co-authored by Jerome Corsi and Mike Zullo.

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