’s No. 2 environmental book is an exposé that actually blasts the movement as a fraud.

Brian Sussman’s “Eco-Tyranny: How the Left’s Green Agenda will Dismantle America” is the No. 1 book on in the Environmental Science, Weather, and Rivers categories and is threatening to take the No. 1 spot in the Environment category.

Sussman is establishing himself as one of the leading challengers to President Obama’s plan to restrict oil and gas production and, as a federal official related just days ago, “crucify” companies that are targeted for enforcement actions.

Sussman’s book is also winning praise from readers for going beyond the headlines and detailing the dark past of the entire “green movement.”

“Eco-Tyranny” documents the dramatic link between communism and environmentalism, notably the green agenda of some of history’s greatest villains, including Karl Marx, Frederick Engels and Vladimir Lenin.

More than that, he shows that the environmental movement has never been about protecting the environment as much as about pursuing an agenda that is “anti-human, anti-science, and above all anti-free market,” in Sussman’s words.

Readers are agreeing, as reviews on are unanimously at the maximum rating of five stars. One reads, “A lot of people were hypnotized by the ‘good intentions’ of the ‘green movement.’ This book just show[s] what [the] left green agenda really is: [a] power grab which has nothing to do with [the] environment.”

Another concludes, “If you care about liberty and the future of your children and grandchildren, this is a must read.”

Other readers seized on Sussman’s main blockbuster, the release of secret memos from inside the Obama administration that show the Bureau of Land Management is plotting the seizure of hundreds of thousands of acres of private land.

“Eco-Tyranny” offers an exclusive inside look at Barack Obama’s long-term plan to create humanity-free “wildways” that will dramatically expand federal land ownership, restrict energy production and force Americans to live in ever more populated mega cities.

A reviewer comments: “Do you remember ‘Acid Rain?’ When that hoax faded, it became ‘Global Warming,’ and now ‘Climate Change.’ Any guesses on what it will evolve into next? They’ve seized our God-given natural resources as if they belong to them.”

Sussman says the reactions are natural.

“President Obama’s administration has seized control of entire industries, of healthcare, and of an increasing portion of Americans’ paychecks. Why shouldn’t they go over after land? And why stop there? Why not try to make government the center of all economic activity, including energy production?”

He concludes, “The environmental movement is not about clean water and clean air. It’s about seizing control over people’s lives.”

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