Huffington Post personality Adam Goldberg has learned that Americans still have numerous questions about Barack Obama, even after more than three years in the Oval Office, including doubts about his eligibility, his ability, and his faith.

A video was posted today on the organization’s website where Goldberg questioned a number of people who were attending a fundraiser for possible GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney at New York’s Trump Tower.

The event was the birthday of Romney’s wife, Ann, and it was hosted at the residence of Donald and Melania Trump, the report said.

Donald Trump, of course, a year ago was highly vocal about doubting Obama’s qualifications to be president under the U.S. Constitution’s requirement that presidents be a “natural born citizen.”

He claimed credit at that point when Obama released an image of a Hawaii birth
certificate to lay claim to a “natural born citizen” status.

That document, of course, has been undermined by law enforcement investigators working on Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, which determined there is probable cause there was both forgery and fraud in the creation and presentation of the image.

The names of the visitors to the fundraiser were not identified throughout the video.

But one said her support for Romney was because, “We need a change for sure in our country, and I think Ann Romney and Mitt are the ones, the only answer we have for it.”

When asked whether it was “problematic” that the event was being held at the Trump residence, when Donald Trump “openly questioned the president’s citizenship,” another woman said, “It doesn’t seem strange to me. I’ve heard from a number of people that the citizenship is questioned. … He won’t answer the question.”

When Goldberg said Obama has released the “birth certificate,” the woman turned the question back, “Have you seen it?”

Goldberg, who characterized the question as being about “citizenship,” when it actually has been about the Constitution’s requirement for a president to be a “natural born citizen,” which is not the same, admitted he had not “held it in my hands.”

Another respondent said, “The press has never properly vetted Obama, come on. I tell you I am a little housewife, retired teacher, from Houston. I did my own vetting. I called Rev. Wright’s church. I looked at his website site. It was very, very violent and anti-white.

“And I said I’m Muslim and I’m interested in joining your church. They told me, and I’m telling you this is first person, not hearsay, they told me you don’t have to change, you can stay Muslim and join our church.

“And that’s fine to be Muslim, but Obama said he’s Christian. It’s a funny Christian church,” she said.

Responding to Goldberg’s question whether she believes Obama is Christian, she said, “Not my kind of Christianity. It doesn’t have to be fundamentalist, just, you know, average Christianity. No, I don’t think he is.”

Obama attended Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Chicago church for decades, but when controversy erupted over Wright’s taped call for God to “d— America,” Obama said he was unaware of such diatribes.

Another woman said the eligibility dispute is “such an old issue.”

Her companion said he “probably” is eligible, “but I don’t know why he can’t provide affirmation.”

Another said the election in 2012 would pit “socialism vs. capitalism.”

She said Obama “proclaimed” his socialist policies in his book, “Dreams from my Father.”

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