Not too long ago, when Mitt Romney said that Barack Obama was a nice guy, it gave me the heebie-jeebies. It was like an ice cube running down my spine, reminding me of the sissy campaign John McCain waged in 2008, when he refused to even refer to Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers and Tony Rezko. Instead, it was as if McCain had decided that the best way to deal with the ex-community agitator was to pretend the DNC had first discovered their standard bearer floating in a basket down among the bulrushes.

As Obama has proven time and again over the past three years, he’s anything but a nice guy. He’s a bad winner, a sore loser and a thin-skinned, arrogant narcissist. And if that’s not enough, he is a racist who keeps Eric Holder on board, even after Operation Fast and Furious, to do his bidding. For good measure, he’s an unrepentant Marxist who, time and again, has shown his contempt for this country and its history.

It has become a mantra that Obama is brilliant and a fabulous orator, which proves that a lie repeated often enough is assumed to be the truth. The latest example of his brilliance was his insistence that the Supreme Court lacked precedence to decide whether a bill passed by Congress is unconstitutional. The bill in question was only passed after his capos, Pelosi and Reid, had bribed and intimidated 60 senators into voting for it. In the House, where the Democrats held a margin of 41 seats, Obamacare barely passed by seven votes.

But even if it had sailed through both Houses with nary a negative vote, the high court had ruled such bills unconstitutional 159 times in the past. I guess his students weren’t the only ones who nodded off when Obama was allegedly teaching Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago. It appears that he was no better suited to the lecture hall than he’s been to the Oval Office.

For those who parrot Obama’s contention that Romneycare was the model for Obamacare, they should be reminded that individual states can pretty much do whatever they want without being unduly concerned with the Commerce Clause. The actual model for Obamacare was a failed piece of legislation cobbled together during Bill Clinton’s first term best known as Hillarycare.

A great many Americans seem surprised that Obama has gone out of his way to destroy the coal and oil industries in this country. I guess when he was campaigning in 2008 and promising to do exactly that, people assumed he didn’t mean it, figuring he couldn’t possibly be that insane. Why, after all, would the president wish to keep us captive to the cut-throats in the Middle East, Russia and Venezuela? And why would he then compound the problem by nixing the Keystone pipeline? To such people, I say, has it ever entered your thick skulls that, like his wife, he was never proud of this country? In fact, I’d suggest that, aside from the presidential perks, he doesn’t like it even a little bit.

The one thing he is mad about, though, is green energy. In fact he is so entranced with everything green that he even devised a health plan that deals with the elderly by turning them into Soylent Green wafers.

By now, we all know that the folks in the General Services Administration squandered a fortune in tax dollars vacationing in Vegas, Hawaii and Palm Springs. When reprimanded, they defended themselves by pointing out that the Obamas have squandered millions more cavorting in Hawaii, Spain and Mexico … and there are only the four of them.

That leads me to wonder how big an allowance the Obamas dole out to Malia and Sasha. When their father is more than willing to blow a billion dollars just to hang on to his job, I can see where it might be difficult to tell the kids that they have to earn their money. Knowing teenagers as I do, I can just see Malia rolling her eyes over that bit of parental folderol.

Now that we all know that the Obamas paid a mere 20 percent of their income to the IRS, I have been waiting for Warren Buffet’s secretary to cry “Foul!” and for her boss to tell Obama in no uncertain terms that it’s high time he paid his fair share.

Finally, with all the golf Obama has played over the past three years, a friend asked me if I had any idea what his handicap was these days. All I could say was, “Where do I start?”

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