Too many white Americans voted for Barack Obama for president in 2008 because they wanted to prove they weren’t racists. They believed Obama’s promise that his election represented a triumph over racism. Those white Obama voters have been betrayed.

Then and now, opponents of Barack Obama are routinely labeled racist. Hillary supporters found that out in 2008. Nothing’s changed. The president, who promised a post-racial presidency, has played the race card ever since.

From “the Cambridge police acted stupidly” to “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” Obama has deliberately fanned the flames of racial resentment among black Americans.

The racial divisions in American society are worse now than when Obama took office.

When the black woman coming out of an Obama Miami campaign rally in 2008 proclaimed, “He’s gonna take care of my mortgage; he’s gonna buy my gas,” the stage was set for sky-high expectations and crushing disappointment for black Americans.

Today, blacks suffer the highest unemployment, most crime and highest dependency on government assistance of any group of Americans.

Obama maintains black-voter support by signaling that white racism is holding him back, preventing him from accomplishing everything he promised. It’s the oldest excuse for black failure. And it is the gateway to the “payback time” mentality of too many young black males – a mentality that is claiming lives all across the U.S. today.

In a horrible crime reported only in the Tulsa World, the U.K. press and some blogs on March 14, a 20-year-old black man named Tryone Woodfork led an invasion of the North Tulsa, Okla., home of Bob and Nancy Strait, ages 90 and 85.

He and his friends beat the old white couple and shot Bob in the face with a BB gun. Tyrone beat and raped Nancy Strait until she died. Bob is still in the hospital, suffering from a broken jaw, severe bleeding and broken ribs.

Tyrone and friends got away with $200, an old Plymouth Neon and a TV. Tyrone was arrested the next day.

Bob was awarded the bronze star as a World War II paratrooper in the 101st Airborne Division. He and Nancy had been married more than 65 years. They raised six kids and were blessed with 18 grandchildren and 50 great and great, great grandchildren.

When told Nancy was dead, he murmured, “I loved her. I loved that old woman.”

If Bob had defended his home by shooting Tyrone, the national media would be all over this story; Al Sharpton would be leading protests in Tulsa. Apparently, when whites are the victims of black crime, it isn’t news.

Anger over this crime has boiled over in Tulsa. Someone described as white driving a pickup truck is randomly shooting blacks walking in the streets. These shootings have been reported all over the national media.

In another horrible example, two black teenagers followed a younger white teenager home from school. They caught him the porch of his house, doused him with gasoline and lit him on fire as one of the black teenagers said, “This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.”

No national media (except Fox News) reported the story.

The “payback time” mentality was expressed by Attorney General Eric Holder when he refused to prosecute Voting Rights Act violations by the New Black Panther Party, whose members were intimidating white voters outside Philadelphia polling places in 2008. According to Department of Justice lawyers, Holder believes that only whites can violate the Voting Rights Act.

In schools, in colleges, in courtrooms and in too many workplaces, white Americans are feeling the “payback time” attitude of too many black Americans.

Obama has tolerated and even encouraged black triumphalism, played to the black grievance culture and encouraged the “payback time” mentality.

American voters pinned their hopes for racial healing on Barack Obama. They got Louie Farrakhan instead.

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