I’m writing this in response to your article “Here’s how to ensure Obama defeat.”

I agree on your approach to defeating Obama. The constitutional eligibility issue is his Achilles’ heel.

Four more years of Obama would be like a doctor advising his patient to take a shot of strychnine to wash down the arsenic tablets he already prescribed.

There’s probably no way America could stay intact as a constitutional republic of free people if Obama renews his White House tenancy for another four years. Obama will have a field day appointing big-government judges, boosting Janet Napolitano’s reign of terror on the innocent, fueling Eric Holder’s brand of selective justice, siccing Doug Shulman’s IRS Gestapo on Obama’s political enemies. Millions of Americans will just say “Hell, no!” rather than kiss their beloved Constitution goodbye.

To fight a many-headed tyrannical monster that uses Obama as its champion, find its hidden weakness. In this case, it’s Obama’s hidden background, his forgeries and his ineligibility to be president in the first place. Putting Obama out to pasture in this way nullifies everything he has signed as president. On that day, America will have narrowly escaped tyranny and dictatorship. On that day, there will be a rebirth of freedom, liberty and justice in America.

Manny L.

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