For 100 years, communists believed that America was the only thing standing in the way of communism truly “succeeding” internationally. That’s a convenient if transparent bit of propaganda, but one which has resulted in leftists remaining dedicated to the objective of bringing America down for decades. American communists, being the pathological narcissists they are, have convinced themselves that they’ll do it the “right way” this time. Having dismantled America, what then could they not accomplish?

Upon his return from a week’s hiatus on the radio, commentator Glenn Beck showcased a piece of audio featuring members of the New Black Panther Party on a conference call. Although the renewed activity of this group was brought on by the Trayvon Martin shooting, millions of Americans are aware that this incident did not merit the hue and cry that came up from black activists, including the NBPP. What follows is why it nevertheless did result in such.

While the pretext of the New Black War Kittens’ conference call was, as usual, that of fighting racial oppression, they were very up front about their desire to destroy capitalism. The common denominator of Marxist objectives across the activist groups rearing their decidedly ugly heads at present is something Beck has been stressing – as well as the fact that the advancing Marxist agenda is being not-so-subtly choreographed from Barack Obama’s White House.

Despite race being a mere pretext regarding the NBPP’s role in recent events, this does not mean they won’t carry things forward until civil unrest breaks out, particularly since it has resulted in an apparent backlash from white extremists, and that law enforcement (including, of course, Eric Holder’s DOJ) has eschewed involvement. Civil unrest is an Obama administration objective, since it will facilitate crises sufficient for the president to justify suspensions of civil rights. Provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act, Obama’s recent National Defense Resources Preparedness executive order, as well as others, have certainly paved the way for such action.

Earlier this week, WND’s Mychal Massie detailed aspects of Obama’s star-student status as an acolyte of communist organizer Saul Alinsky. As with Beck, Massie recognizes the importance of citing the orchestration occurring between the Obama administration and radicals, in this case, the direct correlation between what is now transpiring and the teachings of Alinsky.

Also earlier in the week, commentator Rush Limbaugh delved into the intellectual rationale of our president and his comrades. While somewhat more diplomatic than I might be, he effectively conveyed their belief that the entire American experiment has essentially been a criminal venture.

This discussion of Obama’s hardcore communist objectives is an activity in which I have also been engaged, and I heartily agree with the aforementioned gentlemen in the importance of doing so.

Now, given the abject hatred Marxist leaders have for America, they don’t just want Americans to suffer through their fundamental transformation of this nation. They want us to – as one might say in the U.K. – “suffer proper.” Not like the inconveniences people in France, Spain, or Greece are suffering with the implosion of their economies; they want Americans broken.

This is the widespread social sickness to which envy and pride gives rise. It may be difficult to believe that all our travails are the result of a collection of particularly nasty character defects run wild – but it really is that simple. Marxism is little more than a codified political philosophy whereby those possessing avarice, and little else, might succeed. In truth, the radical left is no better than some loser who decides to carjack a guy in a luxury car because he feels he deserves the automobile more than its owner.

We hear the mantra “A corporation is not a person” from those who believe that granting corporations the same rights as individual persons will have an undue effect upon the electoral process. Well, the government is not a person, either, and it never had the power to do what it is doing; that power was relinquished by the people, by us. When NASA (the government) needed a space program, it contracted countless companies to build the equipment for them, because government itself isn’t capable of building anything. Those companies were owned by people, and the work therein was performed by people. Communists believe that government has the right to simply commandeer these companies, run them and even own the workers. This is no different thinking than that of the carjacker.

The question of a fair election in November is also something that deserves our attention. We can take it as given that voter fraud will abound at the hands of ACORN and other like-minded fringe organizations. It’s an even bet that tricks will be played with absentee and military votes. Questions have also been raised concerning the vote-counting technology having marked vulnerabilities that could be exploited by the unscrupulous, as well as who will be overseeing the process.

All of this illustrates the paramount importance of continuing to beat the drum of Obama’s communism in unequivocal terms, regardless of the mincing ridicule we will draw from liberals, the disbelief of many conservatives and the ire of communists themselves.

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