by Kevin DeAnna

The environmentalist movement isn’t about protecting the environment at all, according to meteorologist-turned-journalist Brian Sussman.

It’s about destroying private property, controlling behavior, and expanding government – and the Obama administration has a secret plan to further all of it, he says.

Sussman is now blowing the whistle on the real nature of environmentalism in his explosive brand-new book, “Eco-Tyranny.”

He reveals secret memos from inside Obama’s Bureau of Land Management, or BLM, outlining a covert plan “to pursue a program of land consolidation” for the federal government to secure tens of millions of acres of land that will be permanently out of reach for entrepreneurs, businessmen and private citizens.

The plan, entitled “Our Vision, Our Values,” notes that 130-140 million acres under BLM management are worthy of consideration as “treasured lands.” Because ecosystems defy “jurisdictional boundaries,” the memo outlines strategies by which the federal government can “rationalize and consolidate” its fragmented landholdings in order to properly “manage-at-scale.” While an ecosystem can simply refer to a single pond or small area, it can also refer to entire geographic regions, thus giving the government an almost unlimited justification to seize private property adjacent to “treasured lands.”

Sussman exposes this is not just theoretical discussion within the White House. The Obama administration is already moving to implement this as policy without consulting Congress by issuing an executive order entitled “America’s Great Outdoors Initiative.”

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The unilateral order explicitly sets as a goal “reconnecting” huge swaths of land under federal ownership, creating large “corridors” compromising millions of acres that will be unavailable for use by private citizens.

The initiative also calls for the federal government to work through “public/private partnerships and locally supported conservation strategies.” This translates into activist environmental organizations having input on all decisions involving expanding government lands.

As it stands, the federal government controls more than 50 percent of the land in eleven Western states.

Sussman explains, “Nearly one-third of all our nation’s land – about 700 million acres – is owned by our federal government. Most of this land is located west of the Mississippi River and is rich with oil, natural gas, and valuable mineral deposits – which they want to lock up. The initiative will aid in that ambition, and more.”

Even more disturbing, Sussman describes the extreme “Gaia” ideology that is driving much of the environmentalist movement. Created by James Lovelock, the Gaia hypothesis holds that the entire earth is a singular living organism that can repair itself under natural conditions. However, people are destroying “Gaia’s” ability to reproduce itself, functioning as a kind of disease destroying the health of the living planet.

Sussman uncovers that the United Nations has actually been promoting this extreme ideology viewing humanity as the enemy. It also has been incorporating spiritual rhetoric in order to create environmentalism as a new religion.

In 1988, the United Nations Global Committee of Parliamentarians on Population and Development held a forum that hosted Lovelock as a main speaker. Lovelock took the opportunity to proclaim that “She [Gaia] is the source of life everlasting and is alive now; she gave birth to humankind and we are a part of her.”

This pseudo-religious rhetoric was echoed two years later at a second U.N. forum, where more than 100 religious leaders called for an alliance between science and religion to defend environmentalism. The late Carl Sagan, an outspoken atheist, introduced the appeal.

The conference also featured a speech by the former communist leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, who called for a “Green Cross” to fight environmental disasters. The group was actually founded, but instead of providing emergency relief it attacks the free market system and works for “basic changes in the values, actions, and attitudes of government, the private sector, and civil society necessary to build a sustainable global community.”

Gorbachev himself on another occasion that “We are part of the cosmos … cosmos is my god. Nature is my god.”

Sussman explains, “We are witnessing a generation being filled with green religion, a faux spirituality that is as dogmatic, and potentially dangerous, as any on the planet.”

The “Gaia” faith is also not a religion of peace, as extremist groups such as the Earth Liberation Front or “lone wolves” like the Unabomber have already committed acts of terror, including taking hostages, destroying property, and even murder.

Sussman notes the FBI listed domestic ecoterrorism to be America’s No. 1 threat in 2005.

As he explains, “An entire generation and more have now been raised in a perpetual pall that declares the earth is doomed because of mankind’s pollution … for some, such fear mongering becomes a clarion call to hyperaggressive, unapologetic action.”

Sussman shows how the militant tactics and religious rhetoric of the environmental movement fuse with an effort to secure unlimited government control and divisive racial ideologies.

A case in point is Van Jones, the “Green Jobs Czar” of the Obama Administration.

A self-described revolutionary, Jones was arrested during the 1992 Los Angeles riots and decided he wanted to “be a part of” groups of “young radical people of color – I mean really radical: communists and anarchists.”

Jones was a member of the Bay Area radical Marxist group Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement, or STORM. He also worked to free convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Just before his White House appointment in 2009, Jones connected the dots between his extremist past and environmental advocacy by declaring, “This movement is deeper than a solar panel … don’t stop there! We’re gonna change the whole system! We’re gonna change the whole thing … we want a new system!”

Jones was never fired by the Obama administration, and merely resigned to spare the White House further scrutiny in September 2009.

Sussman summarizes, “Let’s be clear about this movement – it’s being driven by a doubt communistic and socialistic ideology. Each time you hear an eco-activist or representative of an environmental organization speak, know this: he or she is knowingly pushing the message of Marx and devoutly hoping to see the United States changed. These activists will spin, bewilder, and lie.”

Sussman also describes the long history of partnership between communism and environmentalism, including the shocking fact that the very first person who described climate change as heralding the extinction of the human race was Frederick Engels – the coauthor of the Communist Manifesto.

Vladimir Lenin, whom Sussman calls the “Communist Green Giant,” issued a Decree on Land in 1918 that declared all forests, waters, and minerals to be the property of the state, and later would restrict forests from being used for industrial production as a “preservation of monuments of nature.”

As Sussman observes, “April 22 is the date of Lenin’s birth … selecting that date to ‘celebrate’ Earth Day was clearly no coincidence. In light of Lenin’s devotion to nature – even at the expense of his own people – the communist vanguard provided a model for the government’s role in regulation of the environment.”

As Sussman reveals, such policies, tactics and rationales are remarkably similar to what the Obama administration is trying to implement today.

Another Obama executive order, titled “Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance,” empowers the federal government to require vendors and contractors to report greenhouse gas emissions, document all efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, and ensure all suppliers are “using processes that minimize greenhouse gas emissions.”

Because of the size of the federal government and its involvement in every facet of the economy, the result is government control over even the details of how the private sector operates.

Furthermore, the order instructs the federal government to push for “sustainable development” by “prioritizing central business districts” and protecting development of sensitive land resources,” meaning that development will be restricted in order to force increased settlement into already crowded major cities. It will become more difficult for Americans to purchase their own homes in less settled areas. The result is that Americans will have fewer opportunities to own property, and face more restrictions if they do.

Sussman presents a terrifying vision of an America enthralled by the new religion of environmentalism, where every aspect of private conduct is regulated in the name of protecting “Gaia.”

Every day, the Obama administration takes the country one step closer to making the nightmare a reality.

As a guide to where environmentalism comes from and a warning about where it is going, Americans who believe in liberty cannot afford to ignore the warning of “Eco-Tyranny.”

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