Four years ago at this time, there was an intense presidential primary election campaign under way. Democrats were fighting it out between Hillary Clinton (also known as Bill’s third term) and Barack Obama.

In his earlier Senate election campaign, Obama had been described as “Kenyan-born Barack Obama” by the Evening Standard newspaper in South Africa once he began pulling into the lead in the Illinois U.S. Senate race. Perhaps that newspaper headline is why Hillary wasn’t worried about landing the nomination until it was too late.

Shortly after that, Bill’s third term lay battered and bleeding in the dust after the “hope and change” stampede at the Democratic convention, and the Kenyan was the Democratic nominee.

The crumbling economy wasn’t the fault of the wars, Congress’ decision to implement “don’t ask, don’t tell” mortgages (documentation free), or the derivatives of derivatives of derivatives Wall Street had written and peddled to the big banks, who were every bit as addicted to the reliable programmed trading earnings as crack babies were to their mother’s last fix.

No, it was all Bush’s fault.

John McCain tried to pull it out of the toilet for the Republicans, by picking Sarah Palin to energize conservatives – then later on locking her in the closet. The independent voters he sold his soul to buy, however, had already sold their souls to the Kenyan.

After the election, Obama promised the world a new chorus of “Kumbaya.” The mainlining press assured us that the era of racism had ended with the election of Obama the Uniter. Greenies experienced orgasmic bliss as millions of taxpayer dollars flowed into their impossible schemes to power the new utopia.

Wall Street and the big banks rolled over in their bed and found that both were bankrupt from investing in their own derivatives. No matter, the taxpayer would bail them out. The bonuses would continue. The Fed would dilute the money supply until there was enough to go around. And the Chicago corruption machine had the White House on speed dial, reminding Obama that he owed them.

Which brings us to “hope and change” on the Republican side of the aisle this time around. Mitt Romney, author of Masscare as governor, is to be sent to D.C. by the Republican establishment to slay the Obamacare dragon, vanquish Wall Street’s grip on the economy, establish accountability at the Federal Reserve, fix Social Security and Medicare so it will be there for our illegal aliens and end conflict in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, the economy has fundamentally changed. Other nations now have better-educated children, who are competing against ours for jobs via the Internet.

Brick-and-mortar stores order their inventory over the Internet, have it shipped via FedEx or UPS to their doorstep and then complain that their customers are doing the same.

China now manufacturers everything for everybody and puts the requested label on it as it goes out the door. Rarely do they offer thanks to the U.S. brain trust – the ones that decided Americans don’t need to make things anymore – we’re now all unemployed knowledge workers. The latest estimate is that 88 million Americans are unemployed and have given up looking for work.

Don’t like it? The feds already know that. Why do you think Big Sis needs 20,000 drones patrolling the skies over America and NSA needs a new listening post to read and listen to every personal communication between every American citizen and archive it forever?

Political enemies will get special treatment. Step out of line and the police don’t even need a warrant to download your location data and buddy lists from your cell phone. Then they can go around and talk to your pals about your terrorist tendencies. We’ll be at war in the Middle East by then, so of course you can be relocated to an internment camp for the duration – just like the Japanese during World War II.

Hope and change. And bon appetite. I hope it works for you.

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