U.S. economic crisis: ‘Subtle as a train wreck’

By WND Staff

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Last week, House Republicans passed their budget for Fiscal Year 2013 without a single Democrat vote.

This week, President Obama ripped the GOP budget as one that gives more breaks to the rich, burdens the poor and threatens everything from higher education to Medicare to accurate weather forecasts. Obama called the plan a Trojan horse and claims it would lead to “social Darwinism.”

Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) is a member of the House Budget Committee. He says House Republicans are the only ones serious about producing a budget and that the president’s remarks are little more than baseless scare tactics.

“Real leadership is going to act and try to avert the crisis. The Ryan budget is about truth … and it’s about real leadership and I think that’s threatening to the president,” Akin told WND.

Akin also explains how taxpayers can be misled by the term “spending cuts” – since some consider cuts actual reductions in spending and others use it to refer to reductions in projected spending increases. And Akin tells us why he’s more than happy to have voters choose between the House GOP budget and the Obama budget that received zero votes in the House.

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