Why Dems hate voter ID

By Joseph Farah

It’s time to be very honest about why one political party – and one political party only – is dead-set against requiring voters to properly identify themselves at the polling place before casting their ballots.

That party is the Democratic Party. And the reason it opposes voter ID is because it makes voter fraud easier when identification is not required.

This should be self-evident to just about everyone – and actually is. Because every public opinion poll on the subject shows 70 to 80 percent of Americans in favor of voter ID laws.

Republican voters favor it. Democratic voters favor it. Whites favor it. Blacks favor it. Hispanics favor it. Men favor it. Women favor it.

Yet, the Democratic Party establishment and big majorities of Democratic members of Congress hate it.

The rationale for opposing this simple, common-sense procedure for ensuring that only registered voters actually vote is that it somehow would discourage minorities from participating in the electoral system. However, that reasoning is repudiated even by majorities of blacks and Hispanics, who apparently don’t see any threat to their voting rights by a requirement to show a photo ID, as many states already require.

So what the Democratic Party machine prefers is chaos at the polls, allowing virtually anyone to vote – citizen, non-citizen, legal resident, illegal resident, registered voters, non-registered voters, real voters, impostors.

When Project Veritas’ citizen journalist James O’Keefe went to the polls in the District of Columbia last week with a concealed video camera and asked if the voting official had a ballot for Eric Holder, meaning the attorney general of the United States, he not only got confirmation that Holder was registered, he was offered his ballot.

When O’Keefe reminded the polling official that he did not have identification with him, he was told he didn’t need it. That’s the open invitation to voter fraud that exists in our nation’s capital, a city under the leadership of people way out of touch with American mainstream values of honesty, integrity, fairness and propriety.

If Barack Obama and Eric Holder and Democrats in Congress had their way, every state and city in America would be run like Washington. Now that should be a scary thought to you.

America is way past the days of Jim Crow, much to the chagrin of the Democratic Party, which, I remind you, instituted and maintained those racial discrimination and intimidation policies in the South for far too long.

As we’ve seen in recent decades, there is far less chance that blacks will be turned away from polls because of their race than whites. When the New Black Panthers stationed armed thugs in front of polling places in Philadelphia to intimidate white voters, Eric Holder refused to prosecute the perpetrators. So clearly, Obama and Holder and the Democrats don’t have a problem with racial discrimination at the polls, as long as they perceive that racial discrimination as beneficial to their own empowerment.

It’s time to think about these things carefully, because they are the kinds of changes that can transform America from the oldest constitutional republic in the world to a Third World-style banana republic. And that’s just what a second term of Barack Obama in the White House will mean.

Obama and the Democratic Party establishment have demonstrated their utter contempt for the Constitution in many ways – not the least of those is through their stonewalling over the legitimate ID of Obama himself. They actively seek the disempowerment of anyone who disagrees with their agenda. They will use any means necessary to impose their radical agenda on the rest of us. “Any means” includes fraud, deceit, intimidation – maybe worse.

Remember what I am telling you the next time you see a politician or a member of the media protesting voter ID laws.

You and I are asked to present photo IDs many times throughout our lives. It’s hardly an intrusive demand to ensure against the growing problem of identity theft and other forms of fraud.

It’s the least we should demand from a process so critical to the integrity of American politics.

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