WND’s Aaron Klein was profiled as a “one-man media powerhouse” in a cover story featured in this weekend’s Jerusalem Post’s magazine.

Klein, an American reporter based in Israel, hosts his own show on New York’s WABC Radio, the largest talk-radio station in the U.S., and is a New York Times bestselling author.

In the profile, Klein explains how being 5,000 miles away affords him an advantage in his U.S. reporting.

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“I have a major advantage being in Israel,” Klein told the newspaper. “For example when a child is raised in a dysfunctional household, sometimes he doesn’t realize the reality of the situation until he leaves and takes a look at things from the outside. Being here in Israel I have the advantage of exploring U.S. politics with a proper perspective, where I can see things far more clearly.”

The article explains how Klein broke some of the top issues in the 2008 presidential election and divulges what motivated him to enter the world of journalism, which brought him into the viper’s den of Middle East terrorist organizations.

Klein tells the Jerusalem Post why he joined WND’s writing staff, describing the Internet news giant as “one of the only media outlets I trusted that would let me report without editorial censorship.”

However, Klein says the title of the profile, “Airing Controversy,” doesn’t seem to fit the text of the article itself. The glowing piece doesn’t once provide an example of any controversy on Klein’s show.

The print edition features a similar title. “Shock jock?” reads a screaming red headline.

“I think some editor decided to juice up the title to get attention and sell newspapers,” Klein said today. “My show is not considered controversial at all. It’s a journalism show based on the news cycle. I am always respectful to guests and feature opinions from across the political spectrum.

“I even interview terrorists,” he added. “Although maybe that’s what they consider controversial. The article just doesn’t explain. Still, the article itself seems fair.”

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