Wilma Norris Knight

“I’ve endured the deaths of my two husbands, a stepson, two grandchildren and my middle son in the Vietnam War,” says 91-year-old Wilma Norris Knight. “Yet my youngest son, Aaron, has become a prolific director, in whose movies and television shows my eldest son, Carlos, has often starred. You might know him better by his stage name, Chuck Norris.”

And this Mother’s Day weekend, the woman who was married at 16 and was abandoned to raise those three boys alone will be interviewed by former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee on his Fox News Channel TV program, “Huckabee,” which airs at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, Saturdays and Sundays.

Knight is appearing on Huckabee, in part, to promote her new autobiography, “Acts of Kindness: My Story.”

“I never graduated from high school. And I don’t have a degree from an academic institution,” she explains. “But I’m pretty sure I’ve earned a doctorate from the school of hard knocks.”

The book details, among other remarkable stories of heartbreak and survival, the adventurous, warrior spirit in the Norris family lineage (and where it came from) as well as well as the tale of how her firstborn son, Carlos (Chuck), was transformed from a shy young boy to a martial arts world champion, international movie star and Western icon.

The book also highlights how the Christian faith has played a pivotal role in the Norris’ family journey.

“My age is now my resume. My experiences are my credentials. And my beliefs about God and faith come from nine decades of reading the Good Book and practicing its principles,” Knight says. “And while I can’t explain why I had to go through all I did, I am convinced of one thing, and it’s the primary reason I offer this book at my ripe old age: to help you, the reader, understand or remember that just as God has helped me through every trial and stage of my life, the highs and the heartaches, He can and wants to do the same for you.”

Chaplain Todd DuBord spent two years working and traveling with Knight to record her life story as she dictated it to him. Now he describes “Acts of Kindness” and the life of the woman it’s based on as “a crossroad between ‘The Grapes of Wrath,’ ‘True Grit’ and ‘Pilgrim’s Progress.'”

Get your copy of “Acts of Kindness” from Chuck Norris’ website.

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