Grant Jeffrey, author, broadcaster, publisher

By Jim Fletcher

Grant Jeffrey, the Canadian teacher who took the marketing of Bible prophecy to new and unprecedented heights, has passed away. He was 63.

Jeffrey entered full-time ministry in 1988, with his wife, Kaye. Jeffrey’s communication skills quickly gained the attention of the public, and he launched Frontier Research Publications, a publishing arm that allowed him independence in distributing his message. He also worked with several mainstream publishers, including WaterBrook, HarperCollins, Zondervan, Word, and Tyndale House.

A thorough researcher, Jeffrey would go on to write 27 books, which have sold seven million copies, and have been printed in 24 languages.

Beginning in 2007, he hosted “Bible Prophecy Revealed,” a 30-minute weekly program that aired on TBN.

Popular as a conference speaker, as well, Jeffrey was held in great esteem by colleagues.

Today, Hal Lindsey, regarded as the catalyst for the modern-day interest in Bible prophecy, issued this statement:

“Last Friday night, my friend and colleague, Grant Jeffrey, ‘slipped the surly bonds of earth’ and went to be with his Lord. In this space last week, I asked you to join me in prayer for Grant’s complete healing and recovery from a massive heart attack. But sometimes our earthly concept of healing and recovery may not be what God has in mind. By the next morning, Grant was experiencing the greatest healing of all – he was with his blessed Savior. Grant had suffered pain for many years, but now he’ll suffer no more.

“Please continue to pray for his precious wife Kaye as she navigates through this difficult and immensely lonely time.

“We’ll miss you, Grant.”

William T. “Terry” James, prolific author, conference speaker, and co-founder of the website, RaptureReady, fondly recalled the talented Jeffrey:

“Grant and I knew each other well, and were able to meet on occasions of prophecy conferences, or at book-seller conventions.

“Grant was one of the sharpest minds in eschatology, and was often accused of having a photographic memory, which I suspect was probably true, based upon his amazing recall of facts and figures while speaking to overflow audiences. Always, he was fascinating to hear and to talk with personally.

“He was prolific in every sense, from research, to writing books and other materials – from broadcasts in TV and radio, to lectures on stage at the hundreds of prophecy forums at which he spoke. He was a powerful force for the Pre-Trib view of Bible prophecy and the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere he went.”

Bob Ulrich, of Prophecy in the News, remembered the impact of Jeffrey’s innovative ideas on disseminating the prophecy message:

“If Hal Lindsey’s ‘Late Great Planet Earth’ defined the prophetic landscape for the 80s and this generation, Grant Jeffrey took things to a whole new level. Heralding the pre-millennial revival, Grant perfected the art of the prophecy book in a way no one ever did before. Spectacular new discoveries; cutting edge research; timely subjects that were on the minds of the public – there was no end to the excitement he created.

“When Grant said that Jesus was coming soon, we believed him! He was the voice of authority in the world of Bible prophecy. Grant affected millions of lives with his books and television ministry in a way no one has before and perhaps no one will ever again. Scholar, tireless researcher; mentor; friend – a trusted voice we came to depend on.”

Jeffrey is survived by his wife, his mother, Florence, brothers David, Glenn, and Dale, and sister, Jill.

A service celebrating Grant Jeffrey’s life and ministry was held today at Queensway Cathedral, in Toronto.

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