In September of 2009, Rep. Joe Wilson interrupted a speech to Congress by President Obama with the words, “You lie!” At the time Wilson was widely criticized for his impolite violation of decorum, but now we know he was our Paul Revere for Obama’s barrage of lies.

Obama’s lies about his health-care proposal became famous after the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was enacted into law in March of 2010. The lies and misleading promises made to the American people about nearly every aspect of Obamacare can fill a book. “Lower costs”? Nope. No rationing or “death panels”? Think again. “You can keep your own doctor if you choose.” Not true. There will be exemptions and waivers for churches and religious organizations? No. “It will pay for itself in savings.” Not according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Those Obamacare lies are now so widely known they have become part of our political folklore. But they are only the tip of the iceberg.

In talking about Obama’s lies, we should distinguish them from the ordinary political exaggerations and evasions common among candidates and government officials. The sugarcoating or denial of unpleasant facts by is now taken for granted in democratic societies. We also have grown weary of clichés and slogans that at root are lies. “Social Security is not a Ponzi scheme and is not going broke.” “Foreign aid is not bribery to buy goodwill.” “The United Nations is not corrupt.” “Higher tax rates do not affect economic behavior.” “Our national debt is nothing to worry about.” Such lies contribute to a growing cynicism about politics and politicians.

How are Obama’s lies different? They are lies meant to disguise a systematic and sustained socialist assault on the Constitution. They are not random; they are a necessary and integral part of his program to “transform America.”

Earlier generations of politicians would be embarrassed by Obama’s chutzpah, but in the regime of this “first president of the post-American world,” lying is clearly the preferred means of persuasion. Under his leadership and following his example, his Cabinet officers lie to the public almost daily.

At Obama’s instruction, Eric Holder has lied to congressional committees about his knowledge of the illegal “Fast and Furious” gun-running program that delivered 2,000 guns to Mexican drug cartels. Janet Napolitano repeats and elaborates on Obama’s lies about the state of border security by manipulating the number of apprehensions on the southwest border. Ken Salazar lies about the panel of experts who supposedly “recommended” a moratorium on offshore oil drilling. Hillary Clinton lies about our incoherent and catastrophic acquiescence in Iran’s nuclear program.

The lies pouring out of the Obama White House have become so routine and commonplace that it is impossible to imagine an Obama speech or major policy initiative that is not wrapped in lies.

A year ago, in order to defuse the fight over raising the debt ceiling, Obama promised to join Congress in bringing deficit spending under control. So what does his proposed budget for the 2012-2013 fiscal year offer? Another trillion dollar deficit! But wait: He will raise taxes, but not on you and me, only on “millionaires and billionaires.” But hold on – his tax increases actually affect anyone making over $250,000 and millions of small businesses. The truth is he cares not one whit about the deficit or the size of the national debt.

Last week Obama told another outright lie, that his position on same-sex marriage has “evolved.” He says he now supports it, whereas in the past, he opposed it. The truth is that his support for same-sex marriage goes back nearly two decades.

Then, just this week, another biographical lie was revealed. A 1991 biographical sketch used to promote Obama as an author stated that he was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.” The pamphlet was circulated for a decade and never repudiated until now – and the Kenya claim appeared on his agent’s website until 2007. The writer who prepared the pamphlet now says she made a “fact-check error.” The real question on the pamphlet is not the truth or falsehood of the Kenyan birth, but this: If Obama was willing to lie about where he was born to enhance his appeal, what won’t he lie about?

The sad but revealing fact is that Obama’s frequent and instinctual use of lies to advance his career has its origins in his own autobiography: It’s part of who he is. For example, he cannot even write or speak about his Kenyan-born father without lying about him. Obama has claimed to be descended from Africans of humble origins, yet his father, like so many Third World radical intellectuals, including Castro and China’s communist revolutionary leaders, came from a wealthy family.

Obama’s whole career has been a bundle of lies and inventions, so how can he ever abandon lying to explain, defend and perpetuate those fictions?

Yet, Obama’s success could only have been possible with the help of two forces: First, the powerful influence of his ideological allies in the liberal news media and the celebrity-academic power elite. The elite media, Hollywood and academia have adopted a transparent and sickening double standard in supporting and defending Obama.

But equally important, we need to understand and acknowledge that Obama is inspired and energized by his visions of radical “change.” Recall that Vladimir Lenin advocated robbing banks to finance the communist revolution in Russia. Likewise, Obama’s friend and Chicago neighbor, William Ayers, advocated killing police and also wealthy parents. To Obama, as with any self-appointed revolutionary, lies are often necessary for the advancement of the global socialist agenda. As such, they are not only moral, they are noble.

Time is short to put an end to the Obama lies broadcast from the White House, lies told in service to his radical plans and visions. A man is entitled to his dreams and delusions, but not at the expense of American liberty.

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